The effects of practicing meditation on anxiety

I would like to research the effects of meditation on anxiety. In my psychology class we watched a video where a person practiced meditation and mindfulness to see if it would change the way their brain functioned. In general, I have heard a lot of people acclaim meditation to have strong positive effects on their anxiety levels. Although there could definitely be a correlation between the two, it might not be the case for everyone. Personally, I definitely believe that practicing meditation has a positive effect on individuals that deal with anxiety, or any other mental health issue for that matter.

Researching this topic is very important because Gen Z and millennials have anxiety rates that are high above the average amount ( A popular way to help people deal with anxiety is through prescribing medication. Though this can be a great way to help others cope with anxiety, it may not be the answer for everyone. If we can find an alternate solution, like meditation, for people that don’t want to take medication or don’t need it it could be very beneficial in improving their quality of life.

Considering meditation has become a lot more popular over the last few years I would have a lot of evidence from many legitimate sources to support my claim.


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