P2 Research Paper Ideas

My first idea I want to potentially explore is 

  • Who are millennials?
  • Why are they hated in society?
  • What have they done in society?
  • Are they really all that bad?

Another idea I’m interested in is exploring music festival culture and going back in time to events like Woodstock to see where all of this stuff started, answering questions like

  • Where did this idea come to be?
  • What are some of the big events that have come out of music festivals?
  • What are some issues within them today/how have they evolved?

Lastly, this idea is a bit more unclear with what path I want to take with it, but I want to explore the world of social media influencers/youtubers/digitally created career people. Maybe go into

  • How did this trend start?
  • Why are they often frowned upon?
  • What does it take to become this status since technically everyone can become it?
  • Are they even considered real celebrities?

One thought on “P2 Research Paper Ideas”

  1. The first one has got some social history angles, and might be cool. The second one is a more general topic, but it’s a rich area to look into sub-topics. The third one has lots of aspects to explore, and a lot of the research is going to be cutting-edge, so that could be fun.


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