Animals are a Man’s Best Friend

My essay will serve to advocate for the effectiveness of having pets to a person’s health, both physical and mental. Though it is not proven that all pets are able to improve a person’s health, dogs especially have shown to make significant differences in people. There have been many studies done that show that having a pet such as a dog is linked to people having a lower risk of heart disease, longer life expectancies, and lowered blood pressure. Pets have also been linked with people increasing their owner’s exercise and reaching the government’s recommended amount. Along with physical health impacts, pets are also linked to decreased stress and people having better moods. Pets have also been trained to help people perform everyday tasks that may be too challenging for them to do themselves. Guide dogs are used by people who are blind to help them stop at curbs, cross the street and have the smarts to keep their human safe. This shows there have been many uses for pets, not just for our own desires.


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