Follow Up: How Meditation and Mindfulness can Improve Your Day and Your Performance

In my other blog post, I mentioned how I was going to be doing this topic for my proposal. This will simply be a reiteration of why I chose the topic and the benefits of it.

Meditation and mindfulness is a priceless (literally, it’s free), quick, and easy way to improve quality of life and reduce burnout in jobs and school. If a person has a really demanding job, such as a doctor, taking 5-15 minutes of their time to dedicate it to meditation and mindfulness has proven to increase their performance. They will be less stressed, thus giving them better results in the quality of their work. If a person is enrolled in school and has a demanding workload or other responsibilities, dedicating some time to re-grounding oneself will reduce the amount of negative impact the stress may have. This may include anxiety and depression. Lastly, if a person simply wants to improve the quality of their life, meditation and mindfulness is a way to make life more vibrant. Noticing and realizing all of the bits and pieces of life that we miss out on everyday because of work or responsibilities will entirely change one’s outlook on life. Meditation and mindfulness is something everyone should implement in their everyday routine.

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