My Essay Plan: Mindfulness Meditation

For my P3 essay, my topic is mindfulness meditation. This is a topic I am pretty knowledgable on, and is something I do every day of my life.

I am not too worried about this essay. My plan is to write on days where I feel most energized and excited to talk about something I love; otherwise, the essay will lack the ethos that I know I can portray in it. For example, last night, I wrote the intro and part of the background because I felt inspired to do so. If I start early, then I can write in baby steps and be finished before Thanksgiving break.

Regarding research, I found a lot of really good sources, so I will just look through them when I continue to write my background. This will give me an idea of which sources I want to use in the actual essay and which one’s I don’t need.

Overall, this won’t be a bad essay. I am going to take it step by step.

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