Plan for Research Paper

My research paper is about the effect of weather on mood/mental health. I will be discussing the several factors of weather that influence people’s moods including temperature, hours of sunlight, hours spent outside, and many others. I am later going to discuss Seasonal Affective Disorder. My plan is to start with an intro and then dedicate each paragraph to every environmental factor that influences mood, and then write a paragraph or two about SAD, and end with a conclusion. My paragraphs are going to be in the format we learned in class and my evidence all comes from research, experiments and studies that people conducted to answer the same question as me about the relationship between weather and mood. I hate leaving things for the last minute so I plan to write a paragraph (or as much as I can do) almost everyday so it does not all add up after a while. I already started my intro and 2 paragraphs so I think I am on the right track. My only anxiety is if I will have enough information to reach the word count. There is a lot of information out there about the topic and I found some pretty good sources so I am hoping my paper will be detailed enough.


One thought on “Plan for Research Paper”

  1. I am super excited to read more about the information you find for your research paper! I think this topic is super cool and very relatable. I am sure you will find a bunch of statistics and information to include in your research paper!


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