P3 Worries and Concerns

My research paper will be attacking three main points that all add up to why LSD should be rescheduled. One of my main concerns is making sure to balance all three topics that I need to address. Michael warned me not to let the history of LSD completely take over the other things that I need to talk about to get my point across. From a personal standpoint, I am concerned about my time management on this. I have gotten slightly better at doing my work the day before it’s due, but it ends up being that the larger the assignment is, the more intimidating it is to conquer. And then this ends with me waiting to write it until the last few days. I want my final draft to be a solid foundation for what I want to say when all is said and done. In order to do that, I’m going to need to push myself more to slowly chip away at this assignment.


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