Judicial Discrimination

 It’s easy, if you’re not directly affected by this problem, to ignore it or to believe that it’s supposed to be this way. They were taught to hate blacks and especially never to date one. Sometimes white people don’t even notice that they are playing favorites just by the things they say. They think it is normal to feel this type of way. This is why you should open your eyes to the judicial discrimination that has continued to go on even after years have past. It continues to look down on the black people of the world, like all blacks deserve to be put in jail.On August 24, 1955 he went to the store with a group of teenagers. He then was accused of whistling at the store clerk’s wife Carolyn Bryant, also being accused of grabbing her hand and flirting with her. Roy Bryant, the husband decided to take matters into his own hands.Years later after the child was dead for more than 50 years the women decide to come clean and tell the truth about the incident and how it was all a lie. The Central Park Five were five boys, (Raymond, Yusef, Antron, Kevin, and Korey) ranging from ages 14 to 16 years old were thrown in jail for the rape of a white women.  It took twelve years for them to have their names cleared. It took twelve years for people to stop calling them “rapist”. The women, Amber Guyger was coming home from a shift as a police officer mistaken went inside of the wrong apartment owned by a black man. When the white people get nothing in jail they get sent to mental institutions while blacks get prison time. Everyone needs to come together to try and beat judicial discrimination in the world. We need to come together as one than going back in time to segregation. We are all equal to each other no matter what color we are, we should be able to grow together. Continuing to better the world that we live and help generations after generations. 


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