The Struggle of NCAA Athletes

Universities and Colleges are an exciting place for a lot of people, and adding sports teams only makes it better. Many popular high school stars make their decision on which university to attend based on the prestigiousness of that school’s sports program. Statistics show that men’s and women’s programs including basketball and football bring in billions of dollars of revenue each year for the NCAA—making universities across the United States branch their presence globally to students, celebrities, and coaches worldwide. The NCAA, coaches, and other people get a share of the profit, but none for the student-athletes who bring in the viewers in the first place. I strongly believe student athletes should benefit from their name, including but not limited to brand endorsements, gifts, contracts, and payment for their successes and publicity that they bring to their respective universities. This application of paying student-athletes change given the time-energy, money generated from the students and athletes, and so the student-athletes can benefit from their success given the following reasons. 

If more athletes as high caliber as Lebron spoke up, it might force the NCAA to seriously rethink their policy. Although I think this should be a last resort, a boycott of NCAA events like March Madness and the College football tournament may have to happen if the players’ voices are not heard. Hopefully other solutions can be crafted before anything like this were to happen. Action does need to happen soon. 

This is is hot topic that I believe will never go away. More and more students go to college and play a sport, even if it is not one of the big ones. You may be wondering, what kinds of solutions can be crafted to satisfy athletes and those high up in the NCAA. What problems lie in the way of significant progress? The NCAA is a well established bureaucracy, and trying to deal with them will be challenging to say the least. The fight must start somewhere.

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