Image Analysis – Urban Outfitters Sale Advertisement

This image is an advertisement for a sale at Urban Outfitters that was received via email. The ad is trying to tell us that there is a 30% off sale on appealing clothing, such as sweaters, for the current weather that is happening. It tells us how much we can save, but there are also other appealing aspects to the sale, including smaller deals that appeal to people who shop online, or people who are a part of Urban Outfitters’ membership rewards, making it appealing to the brand as a whole. 

We as consumers should know that if we do not buy anything at all, we would be saving money. If we did not spend anything at all, that is how we would save the most, however, because Urban Outfitters is saying that there is a 30% off sale, it seems like an appropriate time to buy clothes. Their clothes are expensive to begin with, so offering a sale in the first place would make the ad interesting to consumers.

It uses things such as the framing of the main sale, the colors of Christmas time and the textures, as well as smaller print on stickers to appeal to the consumer. This is a dynamic sale, and Urban Outfitters knows it will draw people to their website, even if it is not for the main sale. There are other aspects to it, such as the rewards program they offer.

This advertisement is a dynamic way to appeal to the consumer, and invite them to utilize different parts of their website and ultimately buy more things.

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