Social Media: Should we believe everything we see?

The New York Times posted an image titled, Social Media, and it reveals the sad truth about people portraying themselves falsely on social media. The overall meaning of this image is that social media makes individuals seem happier, and show them living a more fun and adventurous life; but this does not represent reality at all. In simpler terms, social media depicts individuals incorrectly. 

            As stated before, this image was found in the New York Times, which shows that the target audience is adults primarily ranging from their 30s- 50s. It is important to reach this audience to reveal the ugly truth about people pretending to be someone they aren’t on social media. The reason is to bring awareness to the viewers to not believe everything they see on social media. 

            Many different concepts are used in order to reveal this message of social media allowing an individual to be someone they aren’t. The usage of color in this image truly reveals how social media represents this “happier” and “livelier” life. The colors used are all bright, including a lot of pink, and some green and yellow. These colors make the viewer feel happy, peaceful, and relaxed, which all explain the life shown on this social media account. Whereas, the rest of the colors used are very dull, strictly black and white. The colorless part of this image reveals the man’s real life to be plain and boring, since it displays no real color in his life. 

            Another aspect seen in this image is the usage of lines. When looking at the black and white part of this image, the lines are seen to leave some gaps and don’t completely connect with the other lines. This may represent the “gaps” in the man’s life, which may include the lack of adventure and happiness in his life. Another idea is social media may fulfill his life. This is seen because once you reach the colorful part of this image, all the lines are connected.

            Lastly, the major symbol being used in this image is the cell phone. The cell phone allows this man to portray himself as a different person. It also leads the viewer to the theme of this image, which is escaping reality. Once this man picks up his phone and looks at it, he instantly escapes reality and becomes someone else.

            Overall, this image has a message that is very true and deep. This image is mainly used to bring awareness that many people may reveal themselves differently on social media. Even though this image is not as complex as others may be, it still reveals a very truthful message. In the end, there is much more to a person than what is displayed on social media.


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