children and sleep

Sleep is very vital towards the overall health of a person. Now imagine how important sleep would be for a young child. Sleep patterns are developed at a very young age and it is important to maintain good patterns as children grow up. Children and their development have been researched for many years and more discoveries have been made. In this paper, I will research the connection between young children and sleep and how it affects their academic performance. Through this I also look into the effect of socioeconomic status effect and exposure to TV’s effect on sleep. The amount of sleep a child gets will determine their academic performance in school and some of the factors as well.

One of the effects on sleep in early childhood is socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status is defined as “a combination of income, education, and occupational demographics” (Marco, Christine A, pg. 2). These different types of statuses have effects on sleep in early childhood. According to the article Exploring Socioeconomic Differences in Bedtime Behaviors and Sleep Duration in English Preschool Children, Sleep hygiene behaviors… were more common in the high socioeconomic status compared to the low socioeconomic status group (pg.1). Sleep Hygiene are the certain sleep behaviors like regular bedtime, reading at bedtime, and falling asleep in bed and they are commonly recommended. Some of the parents in the lower socioeconomic class couldn’t practice proper sleep hygiene due to difficulty, inability or inconvenience. 

It is very important that any person regardless of age is able to get a proper amount of sleep. This sleep is very vital to young children since their brain is still developing and need these proper habits. Children need to start creating good sleep habits in order for their brain to function and then prepare for school performance. 

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