Image analysis

The picture I chose is a person holding a book. Although it seems like it is just a person holding a book, it’s not. It has much more meaning to it than that. It has many characteristics that seems to be able to interpret a lot of different things. The first thing that my eyes attract me to is the hands that holds a book. The most important quality in this picture would be the book probably. One idea that I have about this picture is that the person who is holding the book is a priest and the book is a bible. The way that the person holding the book seems pretty spiritual like the way a priest holds a book. It could be a priest preaching in a church and religion and God is coming out of the book. Although the book doesn’t really look qualified to be a bible. I think that because it is too skinny to be a bible, and too long in wideness.

            This picture could just also be a woman or a man who is looking at a recipe book and trying to cook. In the background behind the hands looks like the person is possibly wearing an apron. And the glowing part that takes up most of the picture is the flour because the cooker is pretty bad at cooking. There are so many things that you can interpret this picture into.

            Although there are many things you can make of this picture, it isn’t always just about the actual things that you see in the picture. What I mean by that is you can interpret the picture in a much bigger way that cancels out all of the theories to what this picture really is about. The big idea of this picture is very powerful that some people may not understand. The big picture (no pun intended) of this is the power of knowledge. What I mean by this is that the person who created this picture is trying to describe knowledge in a picture. By reading books, you acquire knowledge. The light coming out of the book is the knowledge and power you receive from books.


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