Many people all around us are extremely invested in a certain religion. Not all people, but many would be surprised of how important it is to many, and how it strives people to live.

In my situation, I have grown up with extremely religious family members, including cousins my own age and younger. With how they portray their beliefs, morals, rules, and customs, it has put a very large dent in how I view religion today. I have felt for quite awhile, that religion should never come in between someone and who they truly are or, who they want to be based on someone else’s religious views. I was raised Christian, although neither of my parents are religious at all. I never thought anything negative about Christianity, or even religion at all, until about freshman or sophomore year of high school.

I have been exposed to the way my cousins view homosexuality very often, almost each time I am around them. They all believe that homosexuals are ‘faking it’ or doing it for attention. I have often tried to explain that this is not the case, and they would not understand any of it because they are just simply not homosexual and I tell them that homosexuals are born that way. Each time, they look at me as if I have three heads. I have backed off completely when the topic becomes. There is no point in trying to change the way they think, because they only believe that what the bible says is true. Because of the lack of understanding of homosexuals and the closed-minded views of the topic, religion should never be able to have opinions on anyone or anything except themselves, and their own life.

Religion does not only affect homosexuals, but it also often invades an education, personal choices such as abortion, and can often be brainwashing. The bible cannot be the only thing that decides morals and what is teaching people right and wrong. Based on my research, many societal issues are not even brought up in the bible, which is contradicting to what christians otherwise say.

Very invested, religious people, often have a lot to say on certain topics in society today, although, they know close to nothing about it. Everyone should have the ability to make their own choices for their own life, have the ability to be who they truly are and live freely, because, they are the only one who truly knows what they want. Nobody should be able to say otherwise, especially those involved in a religion that others may not believe.

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  1. I think this is a very important topic to address because I feel like a lot of teens our age can relate to not having the same views as our elders. Due to the increasing opportunity for people to be their true selfs now, many adults that grew up in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s did not experience the same world as we do today.

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