The crowds are roaring on both sides of the street. The roads are blocked, and thousands are watching from both sides as a small skinny man in a white tank top comes closer and closer. Six others follow him in all black as they all approach the finish line. The clock is ticking up second by second as he is in the final stretch of breaking what is humanly possible. Then he crosses the line, changing distance running forever. This man is Eliud Kipchoge. 

At first glance, this image might seem quite simple. It’s just a man running a marathon, but it is so much more than that. He is surrounded by thousands of fans cheering his name. This marathon broke many boundaries, and the first one depicted in this image is Eliud. He is the center of the image, and all of the focus is on him. His arm is soaring above him. The huge smile on his face and the composure he has after completing the most grueling races in all of sport is incredible. He almost seems as if it was easy. His stance and body language serve to inspire others; there are no limits. His posture and his form show his confidence and his pride in his hard work and training for achieving this insane feat. 

The pacers behind him represent some of the greatest runners from across the world. This team included 41 elite marathon runners from 12 different countries all over the globe. These pacers display unity. In times of human innovation and also in times of need, the world is capable of dropping their flags to come together to achieve, in this case, something that is not possible. 

The caption of this photo opened with, “Today we went to the moon and back.” This statement is symbolic of a significant step for humanity. It is bringing a parallel between two giant leaps for the human race, much like the space race back in the ’60s. Kipchoge was also repeatedly comparing the sub-two-hour marathon to the Apollo 11 mission.

Kipchoge also demonstrates that boundaries need to be pushed, and ceilings need to be broken through this image. This photo also came with the hashtag: “no human is limited” (#nohumanislimited). This image is trying to say that everyone is capable of doing great things. #nohumanislimitedis does not only apply to the sport of running. He follows his hashtag with “No matter what the challenge in life.” He intends to inspire all to achieve greatness.

A simple glance at this image makes it appear as just someone crossing the finish line of a race. This image means a whole lot more than that. It embodies the inspiration and greatness of the man who posted it. Its purpose may seem like a celebration, and it is. But it is also a beacon of inspiration for the rest of humanity. A hashtag to start a movement for something much more significant than a race.  

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