The “Powers” of this Poster

This is a poster for the film Austin Powers. Pictured on the poster is Mike Myers’ titular character, Austin Powers. This poster, while not very complex, does a great job of summing up the essence of the film. Like the film, the poster is fun, colorful, and just makes you smile.

One of the main elements of this poster is its use of color. The shades of red, yellow, and orange that appear in the background are fun colors. They put the audience in a happy mood. This is perfect considering the movie is a comedy and aims to have the viewer in that exact type of mood. The blue color of the title, tag line, and outfit all match. This creates a sense of unity on the poster. Your brain automatically associates all three blue things with each other. Usually, the color blue is associated with sadness. On this poster, it is not the case though.

Analyzing the Austin Powers on the cover, you can already see what type of person he is. He clearly is a very happy person. He is seen smiling and doing some sort of obscure dance move. This also portrays his sense of confidence. He doesn’t care what you might think about him or his sense of style. His sense of style is clearly outdated. By reading the tag line at the bottom of the poster, you can tell that he is from 1960’s. This sort of velvet jacket might have been more widely accepted back then. The viewer can also tell from the tag line that Austin Powers will be brought back in the 1990’s. Although not that far apart, the two decades were very different times.

The words in the background of the poster really give the audience a sense of Austin Powers’ 60’s mentality. Words like “groovy” and “saucy” were words more commonly used in the 60’s. Someone in the 90’s most likely wouldn’t be using those words. Austin Powers, like many people in the 60’s, was a free spirit. Everything about this poster, from the font of the letters to Austin’s appearance convey this message.

In the end, this poster achieves it goal of creating a fun mood that gets audiences intrigued. This poster is very minimalist compared to posters one might see today, yet is very effective at doing what it aimed to. From this poster alone, the viewer can tell that Austin Powers will be a fun and goofy movie.


One thought on “The “Powers” of this Poster”

  1. This post does a very good job of describing the poster and all of the elements of it. From breaking down the color scheme and describing how all of the colors evoke different emotions. Or how you made sure to point out all of the different words in the poster. This is a good article that breaks down the poster to a classic movie.


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