Image Analysis Of Lebron James

The following image is of basketball player Lebron James, also commonly referred to as “King James.” He is currently on the Los Angeles Lakers in his 17thseason. If you are a hardcore or even a casual fan, you see how much Lebron has dominated from the moment he stepped on an NBA court when he was 18. This wallpaper shows Lebron sitting on a throne, trying to portray his dominance as an athlete. The colors used in this artwork are purple and yellowish gold. The background is set in a castle, which also shows some wires connecting to Lebron’s throne which lights it up. You could say Lebron has a serious and somewhat menacing look on his face. This sort of image gives me goosebumps, which I can’t really explain why. The target audience for this would be Lebron fans, Lakers fans, and sports fans in general. It is conveying his sense of dominance and how other NBA players respect him for all he has contributed to the game. The image is meant to act as a wallpaper for your phone, but I think it would also go well as a video game or magazine cover. Lebron is in full uniform in this artwork, while also holding a Los Angeles Lakers towel. This artwork was composed so Lebron and his throne were the center of attention and the focal point. The maker of this artwork is @DESIGNEDBYJOHNNY and JRDN Designs. He is clearly a very talented artist and wants to show off his creative masterpieces. The backdrop and colors used are used to represent the Lakers team colors and show team pride. The creator gets every detail of Lebron’s physical appearance; from his tattoos to his facial hair and hairline. On the jersey Lebron is wearing, the Lakers logo and his jersey number is lit up, kind of like a neon sign in bright yellow. Despite the power lines, the rest of the castle in the background has a medieval feel and the type you would see in tv and movies. Johnny must’ve done a lot of sketching and planning before coming to his final product. Lebron is such a well-known figure and a legend. Someone who looks at this image might look at it and think he’s the boss or “top dog.” According to many fans, analysts, and even some former players, he is the “goat”, or greatest of all time. Getting back to the image, the contrast of a dark purple to the bright yellow allows Lebron to stand out as well as have a nice glow to him. Overall, this image stood out to me in a special way that I can’t explain. I hope Lebron James sees this piece and shows love to the designer. 

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