Image analysis of an ad

Ads have been around for hundreds of years and are more prevalent than ever.  The reason for ads is to try and sway the consumer to buy your product or buy into your ideology.  The ad above is for Camels cigarettes and is from 1931.

The ad is split into two different panels.  One has a man who seems to be some sort of medical professional.  This indicated by him wearing white and having a head mirror on his head.  The other slid has in big letters on the front “Give your throat a vacation. Smoke a fresh Cigarette.”  This is then followed by smaller text talking about camels cigarettes and how wonderful they are to smoke. The last thing at the bottom is an image of a carton of Camels cigarettes.   The background of this ad is a nice relaxing blue.  The text is black except for two words. The words fresh and Camels are highlighted in red and are bigger than the other words on the ad.   

The reason the image of the doctor is included in the ad is so people believe that cigarettes are healthy for them.   Showing a doctor immediately allows the ad to have a sense of ethos. In society doctors as seen as very smart people who know what is best for the public health wise. So if he is holding up a pack of Camels and smiling it gives the appearance that they are healthy. Someone might see the ad and go well if this doctor endorses them they must be good for my throat.

The next thing that stands out about this add is the color scheme.  The color used for the background is a nice light blue. This color is very relaxing which goes with the tag line “Give your throat a vacation..:  This feeling of relaxation is used to ease the buyer in. Now when they see Camels cigarettes and they remember the add they will have good calm feelings of it.  This is used to make them want to buy the cigarettes to keep that calm feeling. This is where the vacation part comes in and the    

The only other color that is shown is red which is used to highlight two keywords.  Those are “FRESH” and “Camels”. These words are highlighted to emphasize them to the audience. The ad wants you to know that these are Camels cigarettes and that they are fresh. They use the bold red so it will stick with you as well. So the next time someone goes to the store to by cigarettes they might choose Camels over the other brands due to them subconsciously remembering them as fresh.        

This ad is able to convey both a relaxing sense of tranquility along with a strong sense of ethos.  The ethos comes from there being a doctor in the picture. This allows the ad to have the authority to say that these cigarettes are a vacation for the throat. The tranquility part comes from the light blue background which is very similar to a nice relaxing blue sky. Making it so that when someone sees this ad they are both put in a relaxing mood and possibly tricked into believing the message.


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