Part 3 Plan / Anxieties

For our big research paper this year, I want to research the pyschological effects of the use of social media on adolescent brains. I plan to analyze different apps and how they correlate with different disorders in teens such as anxiety, depression, and self worth. I want to focus on Instagram specifically but use evidence from all social media platforms.

The effects of social media have deeper meaning than what they seem. The adolescent brain is more susceptible to outside stimuli than a fully matured brain, so these factors ingraved in social media have had a larger impact on the American youth especially.

I want to analyze the specific parts of social media that cause these insecurities such as the number of likes, number of followers, self doubt and comparrison towards others on Instagram, and the growing competitiveness of the app as a whole. Then I went to see how these factors biologically effect the brains chemical patterns and how that effects our moods and mindset. I also wanted to compare the effect of social media to the effect of televison in the 1950’s and how technology can alter a whole human society.

Lastly, I will address my thoughts on how to fix and prevent this issues from growing, along with research what apps are already in the proccess of doing to fix these issues.


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