Skittles Advertisement

This image shows an advertisement for Skittles. Depicted in the image is a Skittles package floating in the sky above an upside down rainbow, with the phrases, “Romance the Rainbow” and “Taste the Rainbow” plastered across the image, almost as if it were jumping off the image at you. Towards the bottom of the image is the hashtag, #TasteTheRainbow and in faint, little letters below the hashtag is the copyright of the advertisement.

The package of Skittles in the image is a vibrant, bright red color with individual Skittles floating on the “U” shaped rainbow. The word “original” is at the top of the package in yellow. The rainbow on the image twists and spins in a “U” shape. The sky is a light blue color and has white, faint clouds dispersed throughout.

The use of the red, yellow, and blue colors, along with the rainbow creates the positive feelings of joy and being content. When someone sees the color red, the sense of hunger is initiated. When yellow is seen, happiness overcomes an individual. The shade of blue illustrated in the image creates the feeling of calmness and tranquility. Many times rainbows are associated not only with happiness, but with luck. The “pot of gold” that is supposedly at the end of the rainbow is subconsciously thought about when someone sees a rainbow. The combination of these colors creates the feelings of hunger, happiness, luck, and calmness, all at one time. This enables the viewer to look at the image in a positive manner and truly become aware and pay attention to what the advertisement is trying to say or do.

Associating a hashtag with the image allows for the audience to be expanded because the advertisement will reach a larger amount of people and will be broadcasted on many more platforms. Utilizing a hashtag, creates a more personal connection with the consumer because people that have already purchased the product are able to share their personal experiences and stories with people that are interested in the product.

The targeted audience for this image are children and people in relationships. The bright colors and rainbows capture the attention of youth and the phrase “Taste the Rainbow” really captures their attention. Obviously, it is not possible to taste a rainbow, however to younger kids, they are not aware of the impossibility and have a strong desire to see what the rainbow tastes like. The slogan “Romance the Rainbow” appeals to couples and people that are engaged in relationships because the words make it seem like skittles are the answer to good, healthy, strong relationships. Therefore people are more inclined to buy them in order to improve or achieve their desired relationship.

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