Stay Strong

The image I have chosen to analyze is a photo of a neighborhood in Queens, New York in December, after the superstorm Hurricane Sandy devastated most of the east coast. The first thing you see when looking at the photo, is an American flag covering a piece of debris while everything else in the background is destroyed by either the hurricane or demolished due to damages that were to sever to repair. Further in the background, the debris and rubble left by Sandy are also surrounded by homes and vehicles of another neighborhood that were fortunate enough to survive the damages and demolition caused by hurricane Sandy. This photo was also used as a header for an article written in 2013 about the politics of disaster aid in America.

The first thing you see when looking at the photo, is an American flag with a few holes in it, hung over a piece of rubble, while the sun still gleaming across its stars and stripes. The flag is in the middle of a whole complex of torn down houses and buildings. These structures were either destroyed during the hurricane or had damages too severe from the hurricane that they had to be torn down and rebuilt later. Even further in the background, more houses and some vehicles surrounded the dilapidated area which were all fortunate enough to survive the damages from the hurricane. The sky was mostly grey with overcast and all the trees didn’t have their leaves, giving the photo a desolate look and desperate feel to it. The photo is primarily for American citizens that have been affected by natural disasters or people concerned about the effects natural disasters can have on our country and families. The audience when looking at the photo might feel a sense of hope seeing the American flag brightly light by the sun surrounded by piles of rubble. This implies that these Americans affected by the damages of the hurricane still has hope that things will get better despite losing their homes and many valuable items

The interesting part about the photo is that it was taken two months after Hurricane Sandy came, meaning that the flag has been sitting there for months untouched. The reason why the flag was placed in a disgusting and destroyed location rather than on a pole somewhere nicer, is to show that even after disaster strikes, America still stands strong along with all of its people. America has experienced many disasters throughout the years, from category 5 Hurricanes, 9.2 magnitude earthquakes, and thousands of tornados. In 2018 there were over 100 natural disasters that hit America killing over 350 Americans causing $82 billion in damages. Yet after so much loss and worry caused by these natural disasters, Americans affected by these disasters and even ones that were not, still shows support and hope for their country. Even though there are hundreds of natural disasters that destroy homes, buildings, and families; everybody gets through it and recovers in the end. No matter what happens, it’s always to remember that things will get better and to still hold hope, and that’s what this photo is trying to say.


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I was born and raised in Newark, Delaware and still live in Newark. I went to Newark High school where I played baseball, Lacrosse, and was part of the marching band. My favorite vine is when the guy throws the frisbee and it goes in the street, followed by "What the F Richard." Don't know why I needed to say that but it's there anyway.

One thought on “Stay Strong”

  1. This is a great photo to analyze. This happened in my home state and really close to where I live. I know so many people who were affected by this so harshly but they all kept their heads up high and hoped for the best.


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