The Real Cost

In a  photograph posted by the Federal Drug Administration, in “The Real Cost”, a campaign to stop teens from vaping e-cigarettes, triggers an emotional reaction from viewers. The intention of this advertisement is to scare teenagers from engaging in the consumption of the product. This image is effective in targeting this specific audience through 3 things: the textual content, the imagery and the colors.

The text is critical in ensuring a experience of logos, or credibility, in thecommercial. Teenagers are usually rebellious when a person is saying “no”, to a arguable thing like vaping. This text states the obvious, “Vaping can put dangerous chemicals..”. The next phrase gives the FDA credibility by talking about a specific drug in e-cigarettes, diacetyl.

This picture can help teenagers understand that a short-lived buzz has a greater impact on their bodies than they’ll realize. Through the text saying, “the real cost”, young adults are more likely to recognize that their actions have a cost- the irreversible harm carried out to their lungs. By showing the face of the girl using e-cigs, young adults can see the result in their own smoking. It’s apparent that this girl is reasonably young, but her distorted face makes one question what precisely caused it. This feeling of being “buzzed” in no manner compares to the impact of nicotine to the body. The marks on her face appears as if some thing was crawling through her body. This component of the photograph suggests to the target audience that the chemicals in nicotine are foreign and are not meant to be in your body. The girls expression appears as if she is wants to quit, likely because she is understanding the negative outcomes on her body. If teens can see the bodily harm their bad habits entail, they’re much more likely to stop.

The setting of the photograph is also essential. Most teens using e-cigarettes are doing so without their parents or guardians knowing. This photo takes place in a bathroom. The girl has a backpack on, which contributes to the idea that this may take place in a school. The woman is hiding because she doesn’t want to be caught with this product. The coloring used on this picture also assists in setting a mood for the picture. Overall, dark colors are being used. Dark purple is on the girl’s flannel. This color provoked emotions of sadness. The yellow-green shade on the wall is related sickness and discord. These hues are essential in stirring up emotions that align with the message the FDA is attempting to expose to teenagers.

This picture portrayed e-cigarette use as a risky addiction with long term, health altering effects on teens. The slogan, “The Real Cost”, explains that there’s an underlying value that doesn’t have to do with money. The actual price of using e-cigarettes is the health of it’s users. The FDA is a success in using this advertisement because of their use of text, imagery and the coloring of the advertisement. The text gives details that a ten will not argue with. Their use of precise chemical names shows teens that the issue their use has harmful things in it. The girl within the advertisement’s facial response and physical. capabilities first put young adults in her position because of her age. Next, the harm done to her body by the e-cigarettes warns the viewer of nicotines damage to the body. Finally, the colors used during the photo display exactly the mood the reader was intended to feel. Overall, this photograph did the job of warning young adults to stop using these devices before they pay ‘the real cost’.

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