School Shooting PSA

For my advertisement, I chose a commercial that involved a school shooting public service announcement. This commercial was created by the parents of the Sandy Hook victims. First off, this commercial portrays a very intense message. During the commercial, it shows several different kids talking about back-to-school items that they got, and how useful the items are in their daily lives. While this goes on, a school shooting begins to develop and the students start using their back-to-school items as defense tools. For example, in one scene, there is a girl who is trying to help her friend survive in the hallway with a sock after she was shot in the leg. I have never seen a commercial with this intense of a story line, and the concept of students even having to think about that truly gave me goosebumps.

It is clear to say that the message this commercial is trying to convey to viewers is to be aware of what’s happening and recognize the signs of a school shooter, as well as the fact that kids in current times have to be conscious about something like this occurring, as it has happened so many times within recent years. Unfortunately, school shootings do still occur much more often than many people realize, and the parents of the Sandy Hook victims are trying to bring awareness to the situation, and work towards putting a deserved end to them. The parents want other students to notice the signs of a student who could potentially be of harm to other students and may even be inclined to cause such destruction as bad as a school shooting. I don’t think the parents could have had a better idea to spread awareness than creating this commercial. As I had mentioned earlier, the serious tone and the sound of the students running and screaming makes the audience truly feel the emotions taking place in the video.  Another important element of this video is that you can also hear footsteps in the hallway and faint gunshot sounds in the distant background.

There are only two scenes in the commercial that were not involved in hinting any violence. It was the first and second scene, and it looked like the beginning of the school day. The scene was a student showing his new backpack while looking for books in his locker. The second scene involved another student showing the folders she got that helped her stay organized. These two first scenes are the main reason this commercial tricks a lot of viewers. It makes you initially think that it is just an ordinary back-to-school advertisement, but in fact, it’s much deeper than that. 

The majority of the commercial parts consist of showing students how to defend themselves and how to safely escape a building that has been breached. As an example, one of the scenes in the advertisement contained a student that got a skateboard for back-to-school and he was later shown using it to break the window in a classroom so that students could escape the shooter. So, not only is the video made to spread awareness, but it is also created to help students or teachers handle the situation, and know the steps to take in case of an emergency.


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