Sexism in Halloween Costumes

For years male and female halloween costumes have differed in many ways.  Many female costumes are sexualized, while this is not often the case with male costumes. Many of these differences also reinforce gender roles. While female costumes for children may not exactly be sexualized, there are many apparent differences in halloween costumes for male and female children.

Image result for child halloween costume ads

These differences can even be seen in childrens costumes as the ad to the right shows. The poses are even more important in these ads. The boys are all in poses that would be considered “power poses”. Poses that make them look strong and powerful. Those are not the terms you would use to describe the poses for the girls. They are in poses that make them seem more dainty and “ladylike”. In addition to all of the girls costumes you can seen their faces, but not in the boys costumes. This seems like yet another ploy to show that the girls need to show themselves off while the boys need to show off their strength. All the girls costumes include either dresses or skirts except for one of them. 

Image result for kids halloween ads

Showing ads like these in magazines leads young girls to feel like they have to dress up like that. It reinforces the idea that they are dressing up to be seen as pretty and cute. This makes it seem like the costumes are more for the pleasure of others rather than the pleasure of those who are wearing the costumes. In the ad below many of the same things are seen. The boys are all standing in poses that make them look strong and powerful. In contrast the girl is posed in a way more similar to the girls in the image above. This ad does however differ from the one above in one way. Rather than being a princess, the girl is dressed as a superhero to go along with the boys. Yet she is still wearing a dress just like the girls in the other ad. 


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