February 14th Isn’t a Holiday Anymore

The image I decided to write about means a lot to me. The image shows three straight-faced survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting attending the March For Our Lives in Washington, D.C. in order to advocate for stricter gun laws. The individual on the left, Emily Bernstein, is my best friend since as long as I can remember and she was in the shooting. The image portrays an impactful message through the way they are posing, the message on their t-shirts which says “Protect Kids Not Guns,” and the posters they are holding. The poster on the left has two rifles shooting out flowers instead of bullets. One of the flowers is white while the other is red. This poster is alluding to the Vietnam War by protesting for peace instead of believing things get better with violence. In addition, this justifies the message that the present day gun situation is a war against today’s young individuals. The white flower on the left is most likely a daffodil which represents starting over. This relates to the Douglas shooting because a lot of different types of people were greatly affected by what occurred on that day. White is also means openness, growth, and fairness. This relates to the shooting because how Parkland has a community started organizations and came together to support one another was extremely vital. In addition, by white being fairness it relates to how loose gun laws are when there are so many school shootings have occurred all over the United States within the last few years.The flowers one the right is a red rose. Red means strength and determination. This is shown due to the impact the shooting had on the students. Some students went viral and started organizations trying to have more regulated gun laws which shows the will power these students have on the world. On the the yellow poster has guns inside of a flower with a traditional peace at the center. I think the overall image is about protecting our schools and protesting for proper gun laws so people will stop dying from going to school.


One thought on “February 14th Isn’t a Holiday Anymore”

  1. loved reading this in class and i’m happy you were able to fix it up, because it was a great story, just needed more analysis!!


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