Space Colonization- A Lazy Escape?

Since the race to space in the 1950’s, the powerhouses of the world have been interested in how we can take advantage of our advancing technology to utilize space and other planets. Many scientists have predicted that the human race will eventually go extinct due to our increasing climate issues. Water was recently discovered on Mars which has raised many questions- Was there previous life on Mars? Is Mars habitable? Can we utilize Mars for the future if life threatening issues arise on Earth?

With our current carbon emission levels however, the human race needs to seriously consider drastic changes we can make to prevent the end of the world. We cannot use Mars as a fallback or an excuse to continue or environmentally harmful process of life. Mars has not yet been classified to be livable, and instead of the brains of America putting their time into space colonization, they should put their time and energy into fixing our current climate problems on Earth before they are irreversible.


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