I decided to do the Korean pop industry paper only because I had way more ideas and a set outline written for it. I don’t really have a set thesis it’s more of why people should pay attention to this issue and be sure not to mimic it in other music industries. I also chose this rant because a part of my final paper will include suicide and depression of the idols, and another idol just committed suicide the day the draft was due, so it was a push for me to use this idea.


research (rant) idea

Hey Michael I did NOT forget this week’s blog post, granted it’s two days late

I kind of don’t want to do this idea only because of the awkward reputation it will give me (or at least that I believe it gives me) but I have a pretty good outline for the Toxicity of the Korean Pop Industry (on the idols). I already put together a super basic outline and examples I can put in each paragraph (there is a lot more but I stopped at one). It’s really just going to be a big rant and all of my scholarly sources can be the effects of fame or how the music industry works and they don’t even have to be pinpointing the kpop industry.

  • Toxicity of the Korean music industry on idols 
    • Starvation 
      • Wendy 
    • Exhaustion and Injuries 
      • Tao / Luhan 
    • Depression 
      • Jonghyun 
    • Isolation 
      •  Baekhyun x Taeyeon break up 
    • Gossip 
      • Knowing Bros / Heechul 

The only other idea I have would be like, children’s cartoons and the positive messages they’re sending out to viewers, and the lessons they teach that even adults somewhat struggle to accept. I could also talk about the positive psychology involved and how it helps child development with morality and builds on Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development theory. This idea would definitely have a lot of sources and a solid stance (and it also relates to my major) and I would also be interested in doing this but I don’t have a set outline yet.


This layout may be a little weird only because I took notes first.

  • Artificial nails are so popular that so many people are getting infected unknowingly
  • Those who do and receive nails get infected with the methacrylates 
  • Methacrylates cause allergic reactions to people who get fake nails
  • Gel polish that can be an at-home salon experience also contain methacrylates 
  • Long term effects can be asthma
  • Extended exposure to methacrylates can leave nail technicians unable to continue their profession due to respiratory illnesses
  • Can also cause nerve damage specifically in hands
  • Methacrylates should not be a part of cosmetics 
  • Equally toxic through skin as ingestion, lethal to rats at 100 ppm
  • Technicians have extended exposure to methacrylates that can be harmful
  • From nail glue
  • “safe as used when application is accompanied by directions to avoid skin contact because of the sensitizing potential of ethyl methacrylate”
  • Required labels lack sufficient warning
  • “If the FDA does not adjust rules promoting the safe and fair usage of polymerization chemicals in nail products, the production of methacrylate-containing nail glues and lacquers will only continue to hurt businesses by deterring clients and manicurists from receiving and performing nail services if they are unable, or unwilling, to hurdle the perverse health risks these chemicals pose.” (I just thought this line was killer)


“However, numerous studies have linked methacrylates to an array of uncomfortable allergic reactions in nail salon customers, as well as dangerous long-term health problems in nail technicians. Nonetheless, little action has been taken to reduce the use of these chemicals.” (added in introductory paragraph, near end that had a really good closing sentence) 

Target audience:

People who get their nails done, people who do others’ nails, nail polish/glue companies

Lots of Logos, with facts – constantly backed up and cited 


Speaks as someone trying educate for others’ safety. Cited journals and research articles. 


Not much pathos as it was very largely logos, lots of Kairos in the beginning as they explained the increase of nail services for men and women. 

Very rational argument. Personally if I reacted from my nails being done I would understand and argue alongside this author.

personal essay – academic reflection

I know this is late, and I am so sorry.

My entire high school career, my parents have lectured me on the importance of junior year and the first marking period of senior year to colleges. In my junior year, I started off with an F in my math class. I had a B in the course initially, but scored very low in the last test of the first marking period and my grade tanked. My confidence dropped and my stress level increased. I did not know what to do and I was scared to ask my parents to let me get a tutor. I almost believed that I deserved to fail. If it weren’t for the push from my teacher and the support of my friends, I would not have reached out for help. I would not have known how much reaching out would affect me, or my grade.

Of course, I panicked. I had a failing grade in a core class. My high school did not follow the Common Core curriculum so the school was known for being difficult and the ‘smart school’. We had different “phases” that depended on how well you did on the entrance exam, that ranged from 3 to 5, typically everyone tried to stay in phase 4 or 5, that were the ‘normal pace’ and ‘fast pace’ phases. I was in all phase 4s and 5s which wasn’t really a huge accomplishment. Being able to keep As or at least high Bs in these classes was expected. If you had to “phase down”, it was almost like you became someone who would not be able to succeed in life. It was then when I realized that the students tried to keep up the image being a smart school, and it was not just pressure from the faculty. The atmosphere of the school was almost suffocating. And since all of my classmates were intelligent and in higher learning classes, I felt beyond inadequate. 

My teacher, who had just come back from maternity leave and had no knowledge of my previous grade in the class, was obviously concerned, and tried to phase me down so that I would not fail Math Three. I refused, but my parents argued with me that I needed to improve either by phasing down or getting help. Phasing down was not an option in my mind. I have always been anxious about asking others for help, and I still am. After arguing with my parents about getting a personal tutor, my dad found me one, and instead of phasing down, I tried to boost my grade in the class. My parents and teacher wanted me to phase down but this was the last thing I wanted to do. I ended up with a high C on the next exam and my teacher allowed me to stay in the class. I felt like I got out by the skin of my teeth! The next marking period, I received a C on another test as well as the midterm. Third making period, however, I got a B. Learning the material beforehand with my tutor helped me to raise my grade in the subject. 

A group of friends and I made a small study group for classes that we had together, and in it was a kid in a higher phase of our math class. The kid was my friend Patrick, who would answer our questions and show examples on screen like Sal from Khan Academy, since we would skype and study. The other two in the call were friends from my math class who were just as lost as I was. Patrick taught us the next lesson topics prior to class so that we would have a better understanding. My tutor was pleased with my progress! I ended up not seeing him as often because I was becoming more confident with my math skills. I was getting A’s and B’s on my quizzes and tests while also bringing up my course average. By spring, I stopped seeing my tutor for math help entirely. My teacher was no longer worried about me, and was pleased that I put in effort to be prepared for class. 

In the fourth marking period, I got an eighty-nine for the marking period which, unfortunately, broke the ascent of my letter grade. However, I received a ninety-three on my final. I went from an F on the first test to an A on the final. This was a huge jump and I am proud of myself to improve so much within the school year. Learning from that, I began learning calculus before the school year so I would not struggle so much in the course. I even stayed with my tutor for SAT preparation and studying, each time being able to boast on how much I have improved. I understand that while it can be frustrating and frightening, reaching out for help and learning beforehand with people I am comfortable with can allow me to improve incredibly.

Just a Little Bit About Me

Hello! My name is Sanjhna Medisetti, but I go by Sanji. I’m a neuroscience major and I’m originally from upper Delaware so I already know the area (and an uncomfortable amount of people) already. I have a little brother whom I adore and unfortunately no pets (I do want a dog and turtle).

I hope to join the Intramural Volleyball club, which is a bit of a change from a Bollywood Dance Team that I did all throughout high school. After college I plan to go to get a PhD/Masters in either Psychology or Neuroscience, but I’m not sure what specifically. I really like babies and being a homebody. I hope I have fun here!