Antibiotics & Superbugs: The Future of Health?


  • The Thesis of the essay is used to explain what superbugs are and how they came about from broad spectrum antibiotics research and caused many deaths. As well as how they are being badly prescribed in medicines.

The Audience:

  • The essay targets regular everyday people to inform them about what superbugs are causing. The essay also targets doctors and scientists who cause the superbugs to inform them about the downside of broad- spectrum antibiotics.

 Use of logos:

  • The essay is backed up with many facts and statistics. It also consists of a clear argument and what is trying to be accomplished through the argument.

Use of Ethos:

  • Throughout the essay academic and professional people and sources are used to back up and further the argument of superbugs. The sources show he is credible and knows the information. The author also uses hard facts and details in a tone that makes the argument persuasive and clear.

Use of Pathos:

  • In the essay the author uses personal information and life stories about his father passing away because of superbugs to connect with the audience emotionally, and further make his case for the argument.

Use of Kairos:

  • The information and argument are about a relevant issue in the world. The author also uses relevant arguments and information to back up the argument.