Final Proposal for P2

I have decided to write my paper on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I intend to focus on the clean up efforts that are currently being implemented or may be implemented in the future. In order to do this I will need to establish to my readers what exactly the Great Pacific Garbage Patch including how it was formed. I will also discuss the potential health risks that are posed to humans and as well as the health risks posed to marine life in order to convey the reasons in why action needs to be taken. The risks from this garbage is a very much real issue that has already begun to affect humans and marine life alike.


P2 Proposal

Right now, I intend to write my paper on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the clean up efforts that are currently being implemented or may be implemented in the future. I am very interested in environmental issues, especially regarding our oceans, and would love to explore the methods that are being used to clean up pollution.

I was also considering writing about the effects oxybenzone and octinoxate have on marine life, but feel as though I can find more research on the garbage patch.

Transhumanism: Not as evil as it is portrayed?

Transhumanism, although it is a controversial topic offers many benefits to society. The term transhumanism often times has a negative connotation but is simply “the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.” This does not necessarily mean anything negative. Transhumanism could allow for science and technology to help all individuals to do everyday things that they were born unable to do, things as simple as to see or hear. Of course this could also lead to new abilities that currently are not able to be done by humans. Science and technology are already aiding in human advancement, but the term “transhumanism” gives it a sort of ominous feeling. Media, such as television, has not helped this view either, as transhumanism is often depicted as evil or negative, leading the viewers unable to see the potential benefits.

Transhumanism offers many different advancements for people, and not looking into the technology or science would be foolish that can help individuals. I fully understand the implications that these advancements could cause which is why some some sort of regulation or watch on these emerging technologies would be beneficial. The surveillance of these technologies and scientific advancements would lead to things the media portrays to be less likely to occur. Overall, anything that could further the human experience for all individuals is something I believe should be explored, regardless of whether media has depicted scenarios in which it leads to something quite negative.

Analysis of “Antibiotics & Superbugs: The Future of Health?”

The essay entitled  “Antibiotics & Superbugs: The Future of Health?” by author John Bachman-Paternoster, is a well written essay does that an excellent job of conveying the purpose to the audience.  Bachman-Paternoster argues that this is causing bacteria to evolve into superbugs, which has become a crisis, requiring action to be taken in order to prevent this crisis from worsening. He utilizes the four main appeals of rhetoric: logos, pathos, ethos, and kairos to affecting convey the crisis to the reader. For example, the use of recent research regarding superbugs is utilized throughout the essays creation, showing the audience how relevant this issue is worldwide. Bachman-Paternoster includes a statement made by Sir Alexander Fleming in 1945 stating, “Then there is the danger that the ignorant man may easily underdose himself and by exposing his microbes to non-lethal quantities of the drug make them resistant,” (Bachman-Paternoster qtd. Fleming) This adds to the authors argument as the relevance is increased if it has been a fear for over seventy years. This is the work or kairos, which is the appeal used to show relevance. The excellent use of this appeal, as well as others, results in a well-crafted essay that is effective in spreading the word on these superbugs and antibiotics.

Antibiotics and Superbugs: The Future of Health? (outline)

  • Thesis
    • The recent overuse and misuse of antibiotics, causing bacteria to evolve into superbugs, has become a crisis which requires action to be taken in order to prevent the crisis from worsening.
  • Audience
    • The author is targeting the general public, doctors, and scientists, asking them to make changes to address the mistakes that have been made.
  • Pathos
    • A personal experience from the author about his dad’s experience with a superbug is used to help the reader to sympathize and possibly relate if they share a similar story.
  • Ethos
    • The author uses credible and academic sources, as well as what appears to be proper terminology which adds to the credibility as it shows that they conducted research on the topic for their essay.
  • Logos 
    • The authors consistent use of factual evidence, including statistics is backed up by credible sources which aids in proving their overall point, making the argument appear logical
  • Kairos
    • The uses or relevant information in this essay makes it relevant to the audience as recent data is used and is a current issue in the world.

Life Happens

Whenever I tell someone I broke my back, the reaction never changes: a face full of disbelief. When I tell people I still have a broken back, that’s an entirely different reaction. A reaction I have not had to experience yet, as it is a recent development. Since these two instances are years apart, I have had time to grow as an individual and change my mindset about my injury, but I still have a long journey ahead.

Eleven-year-old me was a dedicated, competitive gymnast, spending 25 hours a week in the Summer training. Unlike summers prior, I felt pain in my lower back and hip, but continued practicing and training, pushing the pain to the back of my mind, until one day I had to stop. Through a series of doctors appointments, x-rays, and bone scans I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis. At the young age of eleven, I did not understand what I was being told. All my mind could comprehend was there was one vertebrae slipping out of place, and I would never be a gymnast again.  I went through the treatments the doctors prescribed, but I was devastated. At such a young age, I was told that the one thing I thought defined me was taken away.  

It was to accept that this part of my life was over, so I took a year to come to terms with it, before moving on and trying new things. I quickly fell in love with cheer, and fast forward six years and here I am writing this as a cheerleader for the University of Delaware. A life goal to be an athlete in College has come to fruition. However, nothing is ever perfect, is it? 

I began to experience the same pain I did seven years ago this summer. Except this time, it was worse. I had the same symptoms, and pain that I did right before my hip locked in place, but I am also experiencing new symptoms. Walking, standing, even sitting for long periods of time prove a challenge. My legs now like to do this super fun thing where they now go numb and tingly at random points throughout the day and feel incredibly weak.  So, back to the doctors I go. Eleven-year-old me did not understand, nor feel the true nature of my injury as I do now. The break that occurred all those years ago never healed, so I will forever have a broken L5 vertebrae. My disk is tearing and pushing into my nerves causing the pins and needles feeling in my legs, and still, the vertebrae is out of line with the others. So what does this mean for me? It means I will live with this for the remainder of my life. It means I have to go through trials of treatments from physical therapy, to injections, to surgery, to relieve pain.  Now as an individual who has finally achieved one of her life goals, this is difficult to deal with. As this is occurring now, I do not have an answer as to how long until I’ll be cheering on the sidelines again, if I’ll cheer again, or what treatment works best. I am moving about with the mentality that everything will work out. 

Eleven and eighteen-year-old me have two vastly different mentalities on my injury. The younger me thought my world was crumbling and that was not the case at all. But of course, that is how I thought at a younger age.  I grew as an individual and branched out from what I thought I knew about myself and came to the realization that you can’t let your experience define you, let how you handle or come back from it be the defining factor. In this current moment I am handling this new discovery one day at a time. T Is this how I wanted to start the season or school year? No not at all, but it is what it is. Things happen that you can’t control, and that’s just life. While I had a broken L5 vertebrae then, and still now, the fact that I will not let this define me has not changed either.  

hello :)

Hi everyone! I’m Abby and I’m from Downingtown Pennsylvania, which is about an hour from UD and about an hour from Philly. I am an environmental studies major here at UD and I live in South Academy in the Discover our World LLC, so yes that means I have AC (which I don’t take for granted!). I love to travel and have gotten to visit Italy, France, Spain, Monaco, Panama, and Alaska, but I hate planes. I cheer for UD as well and because I am only 5 feet tall, I am a flyer, or as many people would say, one of the ones that get thrown in the air. Hope you all come out to the football games! Go hens!