Mental Illness

 The woman in the bed just wants to be left alone from the world. She wanted to just hide in her bed and not come out at all. she can also cause anger, fear, sadness and feelings of helplessness if the person does not know or understand what is happening. The persistent feeling of sadness or loss of interest that characterizes major depression can lead to a range of behavioral and physical symptoms. Depression is a serious medical illness. It’s more than just a feeling of being sad for a few days. The author is showing you how it feels to feel upset not being able to talk to no one but instead wanting to run. 


Judicial Discrimination

 It’s easy, if you’re not directly affected by this problem, to ignore it or to believe that it’s supposed to be this way. They were taught to hate blacks and especially never to date one. Sometimes white people don’t even notice that they are playing favorites just by the things they say. They think it is normal to feel this type of way. This is why you should open your eyes to the judicial discrimination that has continued to go on even after years have past. It continues to look down on the black people of the world, like all blacks deserve to be put in jail.On August 24, 1955 he went to the store with a group of teenagers. He then was accused of whistling at the store clerk’s wife Carolyn Bryant, also being accused of grabbing her hand and flirting with her. Roy Bryant, the husband decided to take matters into his own hands.Years later after the child was dead for more than 50 years the women decide to come clean and tell the truth about the incident and how it was all a lie. The Central Park Five were five boys, (Raymond, Yusef, Antron, Kevin, and Korey) ranging from ages 14 to 16 years old were thrown in jail for the rape of a white women.  It took twelve years for them to have their names cleared. It took twelve years for people to stop calling them “rapist”. The women, Amber Guyger was coming home from a shift as a police officer mistaken went inside of the wrong apartment owned by a black man. When the white people get nothing in jail they get sent to mental institutions while blacks get prison time. Everyone needs to come together to try and beat judicial discrimination in the world. We need to come together as one than going back in time to segregation. We are all equal to each other no matter what color we are, we should be able to grow together. Continuing to better the world that we live and help generations after generations. 


Transhumanism is a wonderful thing because you get to advance your way of life. Transhumanist think that it is potential but also a danger of emerging technologies. Its like an chameleon how they can take the color of anything, this can transform themselves into different beings. Think about all the people that hate their bodies with just some science you could look like beyonce and have a brand new identity. Everything that you thought was something could be something different. Transhumanism can really change the world in the future if the scientists invest more into it.

To Meme or Not to Meme

In the article “To Meme or Not to Meme” by Maya walker, she argues about how social media memes have an impact on people’s lives by talking about health issues. Supporting her thesis by everything in the essay connecting to the relationship between memes and mental health. Maya wants the people on social media to take a second and recognize the impact memes have. She shows her emotion in the first paragraph when she talks about how she wanted to commit suicide. Maya used most recent evidence that is online to attract the audience to her thesis. Proving that these sources agree with her main point. That is causing the readers to feel sympathetic towards her situation. She made them feel this emotion by just giving some background. Some memes bring laughter while others bring sadness. This essay works because Maya supports it with her emotions. For example, she talks about her mental health was affected when it comes to social media memes. Maya showed that you do not have to go to social media to get your point across you can simply go to someone that can help you.

Finding Myself

You ever had that problem of trying to be your own person? Well I know I had that problem! Hearing you look just like your dad or you look just like your mom. Having the same teachers that your sisters had when they were younger. Thinking that “Yes, I am my own person, but I’m always being compared and connected to someone else!” All I’m trying to do is be different from them. Growing up, my sisters Jennifer and Kimberly pushed me to wanting to be a nurse like our mother. That was not what I wanted to do they wasn’t listening to my request. Sometimes showing people is better than telling. So, I was determined to find myself.

My parents started college then dropped out, I would never start something then quit . I’m very determined to find myself and be different from my family. Yes it is hard being the youngest of three sisters who are now CNA and LPN. I chose a different path I like to help people but I also like to teach them.

“You telling me you want to wipe noses for a living,” my sisters said.

“No I want to deal with children who are older than your son,” I said.

“Proved me right you don’t do anything for them what makes me think you can’t do anything for a class,” my sister said.

Arguing with my sister just helped me to never giving up help me because I found myself. My relationship with my family is wonderful except if you do not agree with them about something. They want to persuade you to take their side even if it is not what you want. Around middle school most students were still trying to figure out what they wanted to be in life. I already knew I wanted to help special needs children. All that was left was which grade i would like to teach. I started to think about High School then I observed the students today and a big NO pops in my head. High Schoolers act like animals for some odd reason. Then I was thinking about Middle School but I look at the way my niece acts then NO pops up again. I could not deal with children that get smart. Now I’m set on Elementary students that I can teach them the way they should present themselves before going into the Secondary School. I always wanted to be a role model for younger children.

Working at Kidz Ink 4 a daycare for three years really help shape my perspective of young children and how to problem solve. My last job put me into the school age room and I completely loved it. I got to interact with children and pretty much get the insight of how they feel with their friends. One time this girl was being bullied by her friends. I had a long talk with the group as a whole to tell them that bullying is wrong you hurt people’s feelings in the process of being the “IT” girl as they say. After they did not listen I had the same conversation with their parents and they helped me with the situation. Wish I had someone there for me growing up because I had no one not even my family. Kidz Ink 4 has a special place in my heart from all the wonderful children I met. I always tell people my life and they compare it to them and they see how I became the person I want to be without any help.

Going into my Senior Year all I could think about is working with young children and guiding then through the rest of their lives. I continue to work in my community as a Early Childhood Teacher. Now attending University of Delaware I have a strong will to continue my study’s and be the best teacher I can be for young children. Don’t listen to the people who doubt you because you can always end up doing better than them. Continue to be the best you that you can be and you will turn out being on top of the world. It goes to show you that giving up is for quitters and you are not a quitter you are a winner. Never giving up help me because I found myself.

Cook up a feast

Hello all,

My name is Anij’ya Wilson but some people call me “Yay”. I grew up in Newark, Delaware with my mom and two sisters. I am the youngest so of course people thing I am a spoiled brat but I do not see myself as that. I work very hard for everything that I am approached with. When I was younger I loved my mom doing everything for me but since I grew up I decided I needed to start doing some stuff for me so I found out how to cook but not the food your think. I cook food from around the world. When I went to Costa Rica in April I found out how to cook some Authentic dishes for my family. Ever since then I search up new recipes each and every week. I love to show people all my different entrees I can make you would think I took up Culinary. I would be more than happy to help you cook up a feast. Thank you readers I will be back again.