An Analysis of “Drugs, Death, & Rock ‘N’ Roll” by Lauryn Daniels

Thesis: “it is up to festival officials to change the rhetoric and focus on absolute drug eradication within contemporary music festivals to a more hands-on, harm-reduction approach.”

  • Thesis is located at the end of the first paragraph, not necessarily a very clear statement due to the thesis being spread out amongst the entire first paragraph. 
  • Possibly done to provide background knowledge before just throwing a claim out there but it makes it hard to decipher where the thesis is specifically because many different claims are made and audiences targeted throughout the paragraph

Target Audience: It doesn’t appear as if there is one specific target audience rather than an informative piece meant for music festival goers, government, and the event organizers.

Ethos: The author displays her credibility throughout the article by providing statistics or quotes that back up her arguments. 

  • By providing quotes from legitimate resources to back up even the smallest of statements such as the effects a drug has on the body the author establishes credibility through essentially letting the reader know that everything being mention is backed up, which does a lot for her credibility. 

Pathos: Lauryn Daniels appeals to the emotions and sympathy of the readers very simply. The article discusses solutions to the problem of drug related deaths and how to prevent these at concerts specifically, so obviously she is rooting for festival attendees by looking out for their well being. She also suggests ways for police to go about handling drug use at concerts in a way that wont make people scared of them but more open to talking to them and seeking help when needed. Lastly, she appeals to the festival coordinators because the end goal is to make the festival environment safer and more enjoyable, both of which are better for business and better for people who care about the well being of the attendees. 

Logos: By providing the reader with statistical evidence on different drugs used at festivals, what they do, why they are used, and how the drugs’ effects mix with the environment at a festival Daniels essentially makes it out to be common sense to want to have ready access to care if this is what people are doing and nothing else is going to stop them from taking these drugs.

Kairos: The topic of drug usage at music concerts and festivals is one that has been around for the past couple decades, more commonly back in the day was the use of drugs at rock concerts but now the use of illicit drugs is widespread throughout music festivals where all types of music is displayed. In recent years it appears as if the drug scene at music festivals has been on a rapid incline which is good for the timing of this paper to be released. Drug use at festivals is something that I am aware happens a lot so the second I read the title I knew I wanted to read into this topic a little more, I do not regret doing so either because the topic is something that is relevant today and has been relevant for a very long time which allows readers of a wide age range to be able to read and understand the situation.


Who Am I?

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