Transhumanism Would Destory the Human Race

Transhumanism is a controversial topic among people because of the definition and the sub categories alone. Transhumanism is the movement that condones the transformation of humans by creating highly advanced technology to enhance humans intellect and physiology. I’m going to specifically focus on the idea that transhumanism creates a loss of human identity.

It is believed to create a loss of identity by altering the basic human genes to overcome the natural processes we face e.g aging, maximum life expectancy, etc. Bill McKibben, an environmental ethicist, argues that transhumanism is unethical. “He claims that it would be morally wrong for humans to tamper with fundamental aspects of themselves (or their children) in an attempt to overcome universal human limitations […].” As McKibben states, society would be creepy if anyone could alter themselves to overcome natural limitations. It would make it harder for the natural process of birth, life and death to occur. Altering ourselves in Transhumanism is not what our society needs or should want.


Analysis of Education of Slaves in the Antebellum South and Blacks in America Today

In his paper, Separate But (Un) Equal: Education of Slaves in the Antebellum South and Blacks in America Today, Daniel Scanlon addresses racial segregation regarding the educational system. He mentions how the racist south started this educational segregation because they did not want educated black women or men to coexist with them. He also mentions the Brown vs. Board of Education in a sense that it was a steppingstone for African Americans to become somewhat equal but since this essay exists, we know that it did not do what was intended for some Africans Americans.

 The author uses pathos to push his argument forward which was a good decision. Scanlon adding his own personal testimonies made the subject hit home for those directly in the circumstances stated in the paper. Scanlon became a credible when he mentioned big cases relating to the topic such as Brown vs Board, Board of Education of Oklahoma City v. Dowell, Missouri v. Jenkins and more. These cases pushed the argument that the educational system is participating in inequality practices. Scanlon addresses the general population and the resources and opportunities given to those of different minorities and classes.

Scanlon’s essay was successful in informing the public of the continuous battle of those of a different color as the whites. His evidence was equipped and used effectively to build his case.

Separate But (Un) Equal: Education of Slaves in the Antebellum South and Blacks in America Today

Thesis: Takes a look back on African Americans education and the educational gaps between whites and African American. Also addresses how legislation has never took our need for education serious so we could remain handicapped in a way.

Audience: Targets general population. Addressing resources provided to those of different SES and ethnicities. Author wants change to occur so everyone can REALLY start to become equal.

Ethos: Cited the infamous case of Brown vs. Board of Education, along with other cases regarding education, as his supporting facts to drive his point home. Also brought up different demographic studies to support him as well.

Pathos: The author mentioned the type of environment minorities are in that affects their education and motivation to better their life. Most of them feel as if they’re stagnant and will stick with what they know. In comparison with the white suburban environment and the resources they receive. Author added his own personal experience to pull more heartstrings.

Kairos: To this day, performance gaps are still a major occurrence and inner-cities still lack proper and sufficient funding in all aspects, so education falls to the waist side in most scenarios. And major SES differences hinder too because the parents couldn’t send their kids to better schools even if they wanted to.

Tone: Very serious and formal bc its addressing a form of racial segregation that has been happening for hundreds of years.

Forever and Always

Turning my head left and right all I could see were people shedding tears. This was my first ever funeral at age 4. You can tell this woman was loved by everyone,but I could not share that commonality. I have never met this woman to have any memories with. Watching my loved ones in despair made me cry along with them. This day was the day we were spiritually tied together for life.

My nana reigned from the island of St. Thomas. She was a free spirited woman that was ripped and ran the streets of the Bronx. She lived life on her terms and by any mean necessary. Due to some personal issues, she couldn’t mother to her fullest, but she made up for it by loving her grandbabies unconditionally.

Out of her 5 grandchildren, I am the only one that did not meet her physically. She made sure I was her bestfriend even in the after life. I used to laugh and talk in the back of the car and when asked why I was laughing or who I was talking to, I would say my nana was communicating with me. My nana made me feel like it was only us 2 in the world and her doing that made me the closest grandchild to her. I missed out on her physical touch, but she still left her mark on me spiritually.

My mom and I can have dreams about someone who has passed and help them pass over peacefully and my nana used to have visions too. An unfamiliar being came to me in my dreams. It was a short slim woman with an afro with beautiful brown skin. The woman took me to the past and they were trying to make up for their mistakes with my mom. My mom only had my oldest sister and they were in this New York apartment with the kitchen full of vibrant yellows. When I woke up and told my mom the dream, she said that was my nana and I described her perfectly. Although I never seen this woman, I didn’t feel sad or scared about the dream. I strangely felt comfortable and safe with the her in the dream. She was unfamiliar but was so familiar to my spirit I was not fearful for my wellbeing.

Having these experiences helped me with closure of me missing the opportunity to meet this loving spirit face to face. I’ve learned my nana is my bestfriend and she will always have my back. Guardian angels and deep spiritual connections are true and are a beautiful thing.