I plan on writing my paper about why you should adopt animals. Shelters overflow everyday with dogs and other animals that they can no longer take in: leading to euthanized animals. Breeders get nothing out of selling dogs besides money. Why not just adopt a dog from a shelter. Adopt don’t shop

Call for Action: Space Colonization

It’s crazy to think one century ago many believed space exploration and flying aircrafts and drones to other planets was crazy. Now it has become a standard and we have furthered our exploration to trying to find planets able to inhabit life forces and a place to recolonize human race. I believe space colonization is something we need to start focusing on. As we know many of Earth’s natural resources are winding down as we can tell with many environmental issues such as global warming, deforestation, animal populations, and natural oils and fuels are coming up frequently in the news. Stories have spread all over social media platforms showing the destruction of land and oceans all across the world and entire cities going bankrupt of certain resources. Many companies are starting to panic and do something to solve these issues before they become large scale. Many groups are starting to invest in ideas to provide alternate human made resources to avoid the issues while others look into replanting trees and regulations. Other companies have lost hope in the fixing off the mistreatment of our planet and chosen to invest in proposing plans to begin space exploration. Another concern is the overpopulation of earth. Certain areas of Earth are in poverty and other troubling reasons humans cannot survive in those areas. Compared to all cities and countries on earth there are more areas in poverty and struggle to survive as a nation. Do to this entire cultures desire moving to somewhere that is rich in resources as more people move into the areas able to sustain life the resources continue to be used up at a growing rate. When cities become overpopulated what do you think happens? The answer is our resources deplead rapidly and very like to completely run out. As a temporary fix we find other options such as electric cars and alternate fuels and processed foods. But certain things cannot be fixed our atmosphere being destroyed from the burning of fuels can lead to a loss of Earths ability to inhabit life, deforestation leads to loss in oxygen and in many areas clean air, pollution of our water sources leads to many areas in the world not having clean water which can kill of entire populations through disease. All in all, the more we populate and continue to overuse our earth’s resources we need to find another area rich in resources. What else to do than find another Earth like place to move Earths inhabitants to. Being able to continue space exploration and finding resources for the humans to survive off of is something our world has to continue to work on. Eventually beyond the life we live generations simply cannot survive in a world filled with toxic air, polluted water, lack of non scientifically modified foods. We need to continue to expand our natural resources for the human race to survive whether it is recolonizing on a planet with an earth-like atmosphere or finding the resources we need to live on another planet and transporting them back to earth.


Antibiotics and Superbugs

In the article “Antibiotics and Superbugs: The Future of Health?” by John Bachman-Paternoster, we learn how we misuse and overuse antibiotics. All around the world this misuse is causing a worldwide epidemic of the creation of superbugs. A superbug is a bacteria basically on steroids. When medicine is used too often or not enough, the bacteria becomes immune to the medication and adapts to withstand that medication the next time it is used. These superbugs are causing deaths and illnesses, and Bachman-Paternoster claims we need to put an end to this abuse of what should be used for good. In his article the author grabs the audience’s attention by asking them questions and using a personal anecdote about the death of his father. This is a form of pathos that helps draw out emotion in his reader. Another way Paternoster formats his argument to appeal to the reader is by establishing credibility. He uses reliable sources and quotes with statistics that prove his take on the subject of antibiotic misuse. For example he quotes “In fact, about 70% of all antibiotics produced in the U.S are given to livestock including chickens, pigs, and cows” (Moyer in Paternoster) to prove a point. Along with reliable sources and facts, he also chose a topic that is very relevant in today’s world which also helps the author connect to his audience. Medicine everyday is evolving so for people to be informed about superbugs is a necessity. Antibiotics are also being used in livestocks, which eventually winds up in our food that we eat. Knowing this is appeals to even more people especially health enthusiasts. In conclusion, Paternoster did a great job on displaying his argument to his readers.

Antibiotics & Superbugs

The Future of Health?

Thesis: In today’s society we mishandle the use of our medicine and as a result, bacteria is evolving to change to the adaptations with use in medicine. Occurs at then end of the first body paragraph to set up the rest of the paper.


  • Reliable sources
  • Several different sources
  • Organizes paper in cause and effect layout
  • Diction isn’t too professional which makes the paper still appealing and interesting to a younger audience
  • Explains scientific things more thoroughly for a clear explanation


  • Asks the reader questions
  • Provides statistical information
  • Evidence comes after a statement to backup his opinion


  • Gives a personal story
  • Also begins his paper with his anecdote
  • The use of antibiotics in livestock and the government ruling


  • Very relatable
  • Appeals to a wide variety of audiences
  • Relevant in the world today (medicine&health)

Beyond Grateful

Growing up I was always told that you never know what you have until it’s gone. It wasn’t until last year when I truly knew what this meant and felt like. In October of last year, the stomach bug had been going around in my little cousin Dylan’s fourth grade class, and he thought he had it. He was sick for a few days when my Aunt Becky, his mother, decided it was necessary to see a doctor. What came next will be something she will never forget. The doctor looked into Dylan’s eyes, backed up slowly, and solemnly said, “You need to take him to CHOP immediately”. A forty-five-minute drive must have felt like forever. A few hours later we received a call saying Dylan was receiving a Cat scan of his brain. The next call sunk our hearts: What we thought was the seemingly annoying stomach bug was actually life threatening cancer scattered across his brain.

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Dylan was 9 years old when his life was instantly changed forever. Basketball, video games, going to school, and even sleeping in his own bed became out of reach. Every day Dylan became weaker and more inaudible. He lay in his hospital bed now bald and pale, but one thing remained: a smile. Every time I walked into his room at CHOP I was greeted with a smile that lit up the entire room. His positivity at just nine years old was remarkable. He knew what was wrong with him and what could happen, but he always had told us he was going to be okay. Every time I walked into his hospital room I tried to push my tears back up but sometimes I just couldn’t help but sob. As my family and I sat around his bed from time to time he seemed to be the one comforting us, telling us how much he loved all of us and that we shouldn’t cry because he was going to be okay. Even though he was younger, he for sure made me look like a big baby. He was stronger than everyone of us and that strength helped him become cancer free. Dylan is now going part time to 5th grade and attends physical therapy daily. And everyday he still wears that same smile on his face. This experience has taught me to never take anything for granted because you truly never know what you have until it is gone. The simplest things we take for granted can be stripped away from us at any moment. So cherish everything in your life at every moment.

About me!

Hi everyone, my name is Amanda Krysko and I’m from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. I am currently in University of Studies program, but am thinking about majoring in psychology. Outside of school I love to play soccer and go hiking. I have played soccer my whole life and plan on being on the intramural team here at UD. Also, I plan on getting involved with Greek life later in the winter. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!