P2 Final

For my research paper, I have decided to write about how soundtracks to TV and movies affect their audiences emotionally. I will conduct a poll asking people of various ages and backgrounds their favorite movies and soundtracks. I will ask the following questions while doing research: What makes a good soundtrack? How do certain songs make the audience feel? How would eliminating music from the background or altogether change a movie? I plan on researching award-winning soundtracks that people know, for example The Lion King and how good soundtracks are made. I want to research many more things that will be followed up in my actual paper. I am excited to write and research more of my topic because I am a music education major and want to learn more about different sides of music.


P2 Proposal Ideas

As a music education major, I want to focus on a research topic relating to music. I didn’t want to research education, specifically because I want to learn more about other musical aspects. Here are a few options that I might want to research!

Option 1: Social media’s influence on the music business– how do applications like youtube, Spotify, instagram, etc… affect aspiring artists trying to break into the music industry, today?

Option 2: Culture v. Music throughout the decades– why do older generations tend to dislike new music? why are new genres/styles hated on when first released, then gradually accepted?

Option 3: Movie/TV Soundtracks and the Watcher– how do movie/tv soundtracks affect watchers emotionally (psychologically)?

Space Colonization: How can we do it? Should we or shouldn’t we?

From the start of our history classes, in the United States, we are taught about what colonization is. When we are in elementary school, we learn how America was formed from the original 13 colonies of England. As we get older, we learn that America was not the only country that was once a group of colonies. Students are taught about the European race to colonize the continent of Africa, and then some. While colonization has been outdated for the most part, in the twenty-first century, there is a possibility for it to continue off of Earth. Space colonization is exactly what it sounds like, the colonization of space, but where can we do that? How can we do it? Should we or shouldn’t we? TV Shows like “The 100” and movies like “Avatar” explore the need for space colonization and exploration. There are a variety of pros and cons to this debate, but while we may not have the technology and resources to begin right now, I am in favor of space colonization for the sake of saving humanity, Earth, and space exploration.

Humanity is, as far as we know it, the only advanced living species in the universe. All of humanity has lived on Earth since our evolution. If there were to be a planetary disaster, whether man-made or natural, the human race would go extinct, unless we found another way. As global warming becomes a lingering issue, we are rushing to find new ways to save the Earth. What if we can’t save Earth in time? We need to start looking towards moving humanity elsewhere. If the Earth becomes uninhabitable, we need to find a way to keep our species alive and space colonization could be the answer. In the event of a disaster, we could move to planets or celestial bodies that scientists have deemed to be closest to the Earth, in terms of human habitation. Examples of these would be: Earth’s moon, Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, or Saturn’s moon Titan. If we could start trying to put projects together for the creation of space colonies in at least one of these places, right now, we would be ahead of the game. 

The Earth may not last forever, but as the only place completely habitable at the moment, we need to find ways to save it. There are options on the planet that people are trying to stop climate change, among other things, space colonization is a way to help this. If we move people to colonies in space, it will help with many things on Earth. It would solve the problem of overpopulation and cut back on the use of electricity and the use of natural resources. People in space would also be able to explore their new homes and expand into space, should they have the ability to do so. Space exploration within and around new colonies could lead to people finding more natural resources, not only for themselves, but to send to Earth. The article says: “The Solar System alone has, according to different estimates, enough material and energy to support anywhere from several thousand to over a billion times that of the current Earth-based human population”. This means that there are more than enough resources to replenish the population on Earth and those in colonies.

Humanity cannot wait until the last second to try space colonization because mother nature won’t wait for disaster and war comes up at any moment.

Analysis of “Defeating the Boogeyman”

Thesis: Dream analysis/interpretation can help trauma/PTSD patients heal and learn to cope better than traditional treatments.

Target Audience: The target audience of this essay could be towards psychologists, scientists, or therapists and patients suffering from trauma and/or people searching for assistance.

Logos: The author uses evidence from case studies and other professional research. She cites example in nearly every body paragraph and connects everything well to her findings and thesis.

Ethos: The tone of the piece is professional and serious. The author uses sophisticated diction with use of good grammar to appear more professional. They also cite professionals in the psychology field, as well as themselves to appeal to the general reader.

Pathos: As mentioned earlier, the author cites their own experience with trauma to appeal to the general reader but also to be relatable to others. There are many people who suffer trauma/PTSD or other mental illnesses who can somewhat relate to her situation. They also cite examples of case studies with children, which tends to emotionally grasp a reader more. The author’s description of dreams in relation to mentality also makes it relatable. The tone of the essay is genuine.

The entire essay itself is a genuine, moral argument. The author researched a topic she related to and clearly cares a lot about. She wants to bring awareness to treating trauma and to help not only herself, but others.

Let me drive the boat


The purpose of this story is to explain the concept of following your instincts, trusting your gut, or whatever you may call that feeling alerting you of any red flags. Unfortunately, in my case, and probably $10,000 later, I didn’t follow that feeling.

For some background, my paternal grandparents have been going to Lake George, New York for 40 years and have had a house there for over 30. They’re high school sweethearts who come from Italian backgrounds. My grandma, Aurelia (Aury), is one of the best, toughest women I know. My grandpa, Paul, is equally as tough and caring as Aury and the best storyteller. They’ve shared many memories of their lives and treasured summers at the lake with me and my brother. Christofer, my younger brother by three years, is a soccer star and all-around smart kid. Unfortunately, he’s the worst backseat driver alive.

My parents say we’re lucky to have each other and reminisce of memories with their respective siblings. My dad, John, shares many traits with his parents and is sarcastic as ever. My mom, Andrea, though she’s not exactly the same as my dad, she’s caring and funny. I’m grateful we have such a strong bond, but in the moments that split us up, I thought it was all my fault.

August 2017, the exact date I don’t remember, started out a very good day. All six of us were staying at the lake house for a week and decided to take the boat out for the day. Our house is at the top of the hill of our association, but we don’t mind as we trek our coolers and towels down the slope to see the gorgeous, sparkling water. The lake is as clear and flat as could be– a perfect boat day– or so we thought. Our boat is in the third slip of the far dock. She’s nearly 20 years old, a black and white Four Winns my grandparents named, “RTyme.Com”. Typical. We all hop aboard and my grandpa takes us over to “Sandy Bay” for some sun and sandwiches. We enjoy our day and decide to keep moving, after a few hours, to an area up north called “the narrows.”

As we near halfway, I hesitantly ask to drive, Chris groaning in response.

“Sure, sweetheart, why not? You’re a good driver,” My grandpa agrees while my grandma chimes in:

“Paul, I would much rather you drive. You know I feel more comfortable when you’re driving?”

“Grandma you don’t trust me!?” I laugh from the wheel, over the crackling speakers and wind, not turning around. 

We all joke together as I continue driving at ease. I’m familiar with the lake and the rules that follow. My grandpa and dad taught Chris and me everything we know, while being patient teachers. 

Later, my mom asks if we could head back, beginning to pack up, although it’s 30 minutes back. My dad agrees and points me to turn between two islands I’d never seen.

“Dad, are you sure I can turn here? Is this a no wake zone, I don’t see any buoys, grandpa, what do you think?” I continue going straight attempting to find another place to turn.

“John, you or your father should drive, Jenna doesn’t know where she’s going and I don’t think this is the place we normally turn.”

“Relax, Andrea, she’s fine. Jenna turn here,” my dad continues, standing with me and my grandpa.

“Grandpa?” I nearly whisper.

“I think you’re doing great, honey, turn left just a tad, you’re good to go,” he responds with ease. I wasn’t sure where to go, with my family arguing over which was the right way. My dad and my grandpa know the lake the best. As we near the islands, my dad puts a hand on my shoulder,

“Don’t listen to the idiots in the back, you know what you’re doing. Just let up a bit here and you should be good all the way through.” I pull back on the gas as I turn through. I sigh, relaxing my hands at the wheel, as yelling in the back stops. Everything was okay. All the sudden there’s a screeching noise and scratching feeling from the bottom of the boat. My fingers re-clench the wheel as my eyes widen. A thud in the back stops our yelling as my grandma screams:

“Paul I want you to drive right now!” My dad gives her a hand back up as I let my grandpa takeover and sit alone. I begin to shake and tears pool my eyes, as I try to hold them back.  

We make it home safe, as we dock my grandpa pulls me aside: “It was my fault this happened, Jenna, don’t worry we’ll take care of it.”

As it turns out, it wasn’t anybody’s fault. The owner of a marina alerted my grandpa that the water level was down quite a few inches that day. My grandparents decided to take us all out to an upscale restaurant for dinner to try to forget about the day. Although the day ended well, the point of this story wasn’t to come to a happy ending. What I learned from this experience is that no matter what people are telling you, to always follow your instincts. Only you can tell what is right for you, whether you feel like you’re going the wrong direction on a boat or you don’t think going out with your friends is a good idea, there’s only one way to feel comfortable. While this story ends happily, some may not. Follow your gut, understand what is right for you, make your own decisions. 

The one with the intro

Hey guys! My name is Jenna Vallario and I’m a music education major with a vocal concentration. I’ve been passionate about music my whole life and hope to be a music teacher in an elementary school near me. I’m from Westwood, New Jersey, which is not far from Manhattan, but is very close to towns in “upstate, but not exactly upstate” New York. Some examples include, but are not limited to: Pearl River, Nanuet, Nyack, etc… 

Aside from my passion for music, I love dogs (I have two very small, hypoallergenic ones named Chloe and Willow), skiing, and netflix. I enjoy going “down the shore,” to NYC, Lake George, NY, and concerts. I have a younger brother named Christofer and a very big, Italian extended family back home. I can’t wait to see where studying at UD takes me!