Image analysis

The picture I chose is a person holding a book. Although it seems like it is just a person holding a book, it’s not. It has much more meaning to it than that. It has many characteristics that seems to be able to interpret a lot of different things. The first thing that my eyes attract me to is the hands that holds a book. The most important quality in this picture would be the book probably. One idea that I have about this picture is that the person who is holding the book is a priest and the book is a bible. The way that the person holding the book seems pretty spiritual like the way a priest holds a book. It could be a priest preaching in a church and religion and God is coming out of the book. Although the book doesn’t really look qualified to be a bible. I think that because it is too skinny to be a bible, and too long in wideness.

            This picture could just also be a woman or a man who is looking at a recipe book and trying to cook. In the background behind the hands looks like the person is possibly wearing an apron. And the glowing part that takes up most of the picture is the flour because the cooker is pretty bad at cooking. There are so many things that you can interpret this picture into.

            Although there are many things you can make of this picture, it isn’t always just about the actual things that you see in the picture. What I mean by that is you can interpret the picture in a much bigger way that cancels out all of the theories to what this picture really is about. The big idea of this picture is very powerful that some people may not understand. The big picture (no pun intended) of this is the power of knowledge. What I mean by this is that the person who created this picture is trying to describe knowledge in a picture. By reading books, you acquire knowledge. The light coming out of the book is the knowledge and power you receive from books.


p3 struggles

For my paper I have some concerns. I am worried that it will be hard to answer my thesis or think of the question to answer. I am also worried about how I am going to make the word requirement, I know it can be a little bit less, but I feel like I will not be able to get the minimum. Im going to try to find some good sources so i can write a lot about it.

final proposal

For my topic I am choosing to write about Human Evolution. The two things i am going to focus on is humans became into existence by our closest animals, chimpanzees, and religion, like supernatural power created us. I am going to talk about why i think evolution by animals is the stronger way because it has scientific facts that break it down, instead of a supernatural power that just magically created us.

Space Colonization

Space colonization is the future because if studies are right, we are going to have to leave the planet soon. Honestly, it could save the human race sooner or later. It is probably a good idea for lots of reasons like saving the human race. There are also lots of resources to use in space, like, “The Solar System alone has, according to different estimates, enough material and energy to support anywhere from several thousand to over a billion times that of the current Earth-based human population (“Reasons” paragraph)”. That is a lot of energy that is not being used. Or maybe there are aliens in our solar system that are using up the energy.

I wonder how they calculate the energy from a place that we don’t live on. A good idea would be to leave our solar system so see what other stuff is outside it. I know right now it probably isn’t ideal because we dont have the technology to do that yet, or maybe we do. Maybe in 20 years we will have the technology to go outside the solar system and find a better way to live.

It is our fault that we made the Earth inhabitable, but there could be a chance to find a better place to live. If we go somewhere bigger than Earth, overpopulation wouldn’t be a problem, which is a good thing. I feel like going to the moon wouldn’t be a good idea, because we need the moon and sun to live on Earth, so I think we should go somewhere like Mars or something. Overall, we don’t have a lot of time and we need to find somewhere habitable in our solar system or outside of it.

Putting a Price on Life.

Alex Arellano is about to go into medical school but may have to think twice about it because of the cost and the amount of student loans he has and will have. He was in the hospital a lot as a kid because of the Swine Flu and water parasites, as he lived outside the country at the time. While coming to America later on, he found his dream, becoming a doctor. The cost made him wonder if saving lives are worth it. There is a shortage of doctors and part of the reason that is true is the student loans.

Arellano does a good job including pathos because he makes the readers feel bad for him. He talks about him being in the hospital in the beginning paragraph, which for me made me want to keep reading. An example of pathos is, “I have lived all around the world in my lifetime, but the one place I called home for most of my childhood was the hospital. From catching the Swine Flu in Singapore, to getting water parasites in Vietnam, none of my constant visits to the ER could prepare me for the bug that would afflict me for the rest of my life: the dream of being a doctor (1st paragraph).” This does a great job of making the audience feel bad for him. It was a good idea to put it in the beginning because it opens the eyes of the audience to feel bad for him.

The thing that he needs to fix is to use less of Logos. I get that logos is a very strong way of persuading people because it shows facts, but for him it is too much logos. It is too much because in every paragraph besides the intro and closing paragraph it is in all of them. That can be a turnoff for some readers, I know it is one for me. But some people also think it is stronger to show a lot of logos.

Putting a Price on Life

Thesis: “That dream would be enough to push me out of my hospital bed and send myself flying towards achieving greater heights in academics and extracurriculars. Before coming to college, I felt like nothing was going to stop me from pursuing that dream. That is until I was introduced to the world of student loans.” This thesis does a good job of telling the audience that student loans is what he is going to be talking about for his paper. It also has a little bit of Pathos in it.

Logos: “Dr. Ryan Greysen of Yale University School of Medicine notes in his article “A History of Medical School Debt” that schooling since 1963 has been growing increasingly loan dependent as attendance costs rose, with 86% of medical students graduating with debt as of 1984 (840-841).” This shows the number aspect, by showing statistics it makes his point stronger.

Ethos: “The medical field can be divided in to two general categories:primary care and specialty care. Primary care consists of physicians who have general knowledge of most fields. Specialty care consists of the fields of medicine that focus specifically on one aspect of medicine like cardiology or oncology.” He is describing different types of medical fields, which is ethos. He is giving credibility to himself.

Pathos: “I have lived all around the world in my lifetime, but the one place I called home for most of my childhood was the hospital. From catching the Swine Flu in Singapore, to getting water parasites in Vietnam, none of my constant visits to the ER could prepare me for the bug that would afflict me for the rest of my life: the dream of being a doctor.” This does a great job of making the audience feel bad for him. It was a good idea to put it in the beginning because it opens the eyes of the audience to feel bad for him.

Eagles Fans Are A Different Breed

“Eagles fans are the people who get into fights at an eight-year-old girl’s T-ball game, possibly with the eight-year-old girl (Meltzer)”. Being an Eagles fan for my whole life, I can agree with that statement. In some peoples’ views, Eagles fans are the scariest fans in the NFL, but statistically, they are number five. The Philadelphia Eagles fans are the scariest and most passionate fans.

They are also the scariest fans in the NFL, and I personally have experienced it. Back in 2006 when Terrell Owens left the team, I wore one of his jerseys to the game. Keep in mind I was 7 years old at the time, and a group of Eagles fans came over and started yelling at me because I had one of his jerseys on. Terrell Owens was not the best teammate and he was not a nice guy, but they still should not have harassed me because I was wearing his jersey.

The Eagles fans are a different breed of fans. When the Eagles won their first Superbowl, there was a parade hosted in Philadelphia. 700,000 people (including me) attended it, which was a once in a lifetime experience. The one thing that influenced all the fans was Jason Kelce’s speech. He basically talked about the Eagles being an underdog in all three games leading to the Superbowl. Even though they were underdogs in all three games, they still won all of them.

The Eagles fans are the most passionate fans in the NFL, but also the scariest fans, because they start fights with other teams and occasionally with the same team. The passionate part of the fans overpowers the scariness of them because 700,000 fans came to support the Eagles after they won the Superbowl. Jason Kelce’s and Nick Fole’s speech emphasized on the fans of Philly and how great we are. By far, that overcomes the scary part of the fans. The fans of the Philadelphia Eagles are the scariest fans and the most passionate fans in the NFL today. I learned after I saw the fight occur that it is very stupid to get in a fight with someone else over a football game, especially with your own team.

About Me

Hey, I am Ryan Junikiewicz and I am from Valley Forge, PA. I graduated from Conestoga High School with a class size of about 500. I only moved houses once and it was down the street so I could be in a different school district. I enjoy hanging out with friends and playing spike ball. I like to listen to rap music and my favorite artist is Mac Miller. RIP. I am hoping to learn how to write better by taking this class.