Putting a Price on Life.

Alex Arellano is about to go into medical school but may have to think twice about it because of the cost and the amount of student loans he has and will have. He was in the hospital a lot as a kid because of the Swine Flu and water parasites, as he lived outside the country at the time. While coming to America later on, he found his dream, becoming a doctor. The cost made him wonder if saving lives are worth it. There is a shortage of doctors and part of the reason that is true is the student loans.

Arellano does a good job including pathos because he makes the readers feel bad for him. He talks about him being in the hospital in the beginning paragraph, which for me made me want to keep reading. An example of pathos is, “I have lived all around the world in my lifetime, but the one place I called home for most of my childhood was the hospital. From catching the Swine Flu in Singapore, to getting water parasites in Vietnam, none of my constant visits to the ER could prepare me for the bug that would afflict me for the rest of my life: the dream of being a doctor (1st paragraph).” This does a great job of making the audience feel bad for him. It was a good idea to put it in the beginning because it opens the eyes of the audience to feel bad for him.

The thing that he needs to fix is to use less of Logos. I get that logos is a very strong way of persuading people because it shows facts, but for him it is too much logos. It is too much because in every paragraph besides the intro and closing paragraph it is in all of them. That can be a turnoff for some readers, I know it is one for me. But some people also think it is stronger to show a lot of logos.


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