I find the topic of transhumanism a very interesting one for the reason its has such a conserversity surrounding it. One of whether if we should do it because it goes against what people believe. More so because of the church beliefs on not messing with and how things are. But we as a society believe if we have the ability to make things better we want to do it. We also imagine about in the films we have made such as aliens, and Titan that have elements of transhumanism in them. When it comes to doing it we really dont have a problem with it but their are laws that prevent them from doing it to humans subjects. But we have already done this with other creatures such as the goats that have genecticaly mutated with spider dna so that we can collect spider-silk from the milk of the goats.


About me

My name is Thomas Z. Blackiston I am nineteen years old. I live in Millsboro, DE I went Indian River High School. I have bought four cars. I have a pet bearded dragon that I had for about four years. I like playing videogames such as cod, or destiny. My favorite genre of music is metalcore and the band in that genre that I perfer the most is In Flames.