P2 proposal

Should college athletes be paid?

College athletes get exploited for there likeness all over the country. College athletes such as Oklahomas quarter back Jalen Hurts and Duke basketball player Zion Williamson receive nothing and if they do they will fined for it. These are household names but yet they receive zero dollars from the NCAA and from the University who make millions of dollars each year. My paper will focus on why they should get paid and is it really worth it to be a college athlete when you could just go oversees and gain better experience and play against better skilled opponents.


Space Exploration: An even bigger step for mankind?

If the human race were to colonize space, It would ensure the longevity of our race to survive. But where could we go? The closest planet next to Earth is Mars and there is no possible way we can survive there the way it is. The closest planet that is habitable is 12 light years away with would be impossible for us to get to in our lifetimes. The article states that there are no bases built yet on other planets. Nasa would have to construct controlled ecological life support sytems that have yet been developed in a meaningful way yet. It would take billions of dollars and thousands of man hours to set up colonies on mars that could sustain life for generations. Space colonization could solve over population. If we were to colonize Mars and making living sustainable, we can move all our efforts to populate Mars instead or any other planet for that matter.

Summary Analysis Methacrylate

The beauty industry seems to prioritize the perfection and beauty of oneself rather than the health effects to its customers. Most notably synthetic nails are lined with a gel that have many noxious chemicals that can severely damage the human body. There have been little to no steps to help prevent or remove these toxins from the products they give to customers at all.The most notable chemical is Methacrylates. This chemical produces long term effects to consumers and is very dangerous and is found in most nail polishes and gels with in salons around the world. Constant exposure to methacrylates can give you major problems to your overall health. Studies have found that it can give you asthma due to inhaling the chemicals found in the polish and synthetic nails. Also nerve damage can also be obtained by receiving acrylic nail treatments in salons. A women lost her sense of touch due to the chemical found inside the products. What I gathered from Mya’s essay was that the Salons and the federal government have taken no steps to reduce the use of methacrylate in their products.They are more concerned with greed and profit that the safety and satisfaction with the consumer’s overall health. If the FDA does not intervene there may be more cases and people could be irreversibly injured during their lifetime.

Is this thing on?

Hello Class, hopefully I am writing this in the right place, My name is Nick de Moura and Im glad we all made it through the first week. I am from Garden City New York and I have just transferred to The university of Delaware this year. I am a criminal justice major I’m also minoring in history. Lets start the school year off strong and finish strong!