Image analysis of an ad

Ads have been around for hundreds of years and are more prevalent than ever.  The reason for ads is to try and sway the consumer to buy your product or buy into your ideology.  The ad above is for Camels cigarettes and is from 1931.

The ad is split into two different panels.  One has a man who seems to be some sort of medical professional.  This indicated by him wearing white and having a head mirror on his head.  The other slid has in big letters on the front “Give your throat a vacation. Smoke a fresh Cigarette.”  This is then followed by smaller text talking about camels cigarettes and how wonderful they are to smoke. The last thing at the bottom is an image of a carton of Camels cigarettes.   The background of this ad is a nice relaxing blue.  The text is black except for two words. The words fresh and Camels are highlighted in red and are bigger than the other words on the ad.   

The reason the image of the doctor is included in the ad is so people believe that cigarettes are healthy for them.   Showing a doctor immediately allows the ad to have a sense of ethos. In society doctors as seen as very smart people who know what is best for the public health wise. So if he is holding up a pack of Camels and smiling it gives the appearance that they are healthy. Someone might see the ad and go well if this doctor endorses them they must be good for my throat.

The next thing that stands out about this add is the color scheme.  The color used for the background is a nice light blue. This color is very relaxing which goes with the tag line “Give your throat a vacation..:  This feeling of relaxation is used to ease the buyer in. Now when they see Camels cigarettes and they remember the add they will have good calm feelings of it.  This is used to make them want to buy the cigarettes to keep that calm feeling. This is where the vacation part comes in and the    

The only other color that is shown is red which is used to highlight two keywords.  Those are “FRESH” and “Camels”. These words are highlighted to emphasize them to the audience. The ad wants you to know that these are Camels cigarettes and that they are fresh. They use the bold red so it will stick with you as well. So the next time someone goes to the store to by cigarettes they might choose Camels over the other brands due to them subconsciously remembering them as fresh.        

This ad is able to convey both a relaxing sense of tranquility along with a strong sense of ethos.  The ethos comes from there being a doctor in the picture. This allows the ad to have the authority to say that these cigarettes are a vacation for the throat. The tranquility part comes from the light blue background which is very similar to a nice relaxing blue sky. Making it so that when someone sees this ad they are both put in a relaxing mood and possibly tricked into believing the message.


The Great Homework Debate

Every student at one point in their life has had to sit down and do homework. Most students do not enjoy it and it only brings them pain and misery. Parents are also not fans of homework and say that it causes a lot of stress in their house and tension with their kids. Is all of this homework good for the students and does it actually help them learn.

Image result for homework

Homework is able to accomplish a lot of things besides making students miserable. Students that do homework and study for over an hour 3-4 times a week have been shown to perform better on test than those who do not. The students who studied 3-4 times a week even did better than those who studied every night. This shows that both to much and too little homework are not proficient for learning.

Homework is not just good for helping kids learn but actual enjoy school. As weird as it may sound homework actually gives little kids a sense of responsibility and the feeling of accomplishing something. This feeling is than associated with education and school in general and kids enjoy school more. This only happens when homework is administered properly and is not just used to take up three hours of the afternoon. Than it has the inverse effect and kids will resent both school and homework.

The proper way to administer homework that allows kids to both enjoy it and learn is by being smart about it. The teacher should look at the lesson plan for the day and see what topics the kids will need to practice at home to learn. Homework should also not be administered every single night for the same subject. This means that a student should only have math homework three to four times a week and not every night. Doing this allows the student to learn the material better and get more joy out of the work as well.

One type of homework that should never be assigned is busy work. Not only is this type of work a waste of the child’s time it does not teach them anything except to despise school and homework. This homework should be banned from schools. Homework is not something to just hand out for the sake of handing out it is to help continue the learning from home.

Teachers should spend a lot of time picking out the perfect homework assignment. It has to both incorporate what is being taught without confusing the kid. It must also take up the proper amount of time where it is not done in a minute but does not take the whole night. If this is done it is an effective tool to help kids learn and enjoy school more.

Research Paper Plan

My essay is on if homework is necessary for students to learn. In my essay I plan to explore whether homework is more helpful or harmful to students. This is to draw the ultimate conclusion on whether or not homework should be mandatory and if it should be how much. My plan to do this is by looking at the research that had been done on the effects of homework on students over the years. I also plan on reading the thoughts of people who are education experts to see what they have to say about homework. I plan to work a little on the paper every day so it does not overwhelm and so I will not get to anxious about it.

P2 Proposal ideas


An essay which talks about if the police are there for the protection of the people or as a tool for the government to control the people and keep them in line.

Video games-

Talk about how video games have affected the mental development of kids.

Legalizing drugs

Will be on if drugs should be legalized and if so which ones. Also covers where the line is to be drawn.

Space Colonization: How close are we

One of the biggest problems humans face today is climate change. Many speculate on the best way to combat it and not have it wipe out the human race. One way a lot of scientists talk about and believe is the future is moving to another planet. From the beginning of time humans have always wanted to go off and explore new lands. Where it was Europeans discovering a new area of land in the 1400’s or when Americans explored the west in manifest destiny. So now that all of the Earth has been explored and colonized it is on to humans to explore space.

Space colonization would help the climate crisis but it would not be the whole solution. It would allow some people to live on other planets and harvest the resources from them but that is a long term solution. In the short run carbon emissions are going to have to be cut down. In the long term moving a lot of the earths population to other planets after making them habitable will help cut down on carbon emissions and other pollution that humans produce.

Though space colonization may seem far away it is coming sooner than most people realize. With men like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos putting some of their wealth and power to complete this task some huge strides have been made and the future looks promising. It is estimated that people will be launched to the moon by 2024. This is a huge stepping stone for space colonization and shows that space colonization will be in the near future.

Analysis of Antibiotics and superbugs

In this paper the author who goes by John Bachman-Paternoster makes the point to stop using antibiotics so much. The reason for this is he shows how that antibiotic are prescribed when they are not needed a lot of the time and that antibiotics can hurt people. They hurt them by destroying their good bacteria and by possibly creating super bugs from the surviving bacteria. In this paper the author demonstrates all of the forms of argument. The strongest parts of the argument that is made is the ethos and the logos. The author makes a strong point using a lot of research and medical facts to make you take his point seriously. The logos used is also very strong and persuades the reader that what he is proposing is common sense and that it is very logical. The weakest part of the arguments. The problems with the argument come with the pathos part. The author uses a personal anecdote and fear to try and persuade the reader to agree with him. This argument relies to much on trying to pry on readers emotions than facts and logic. Though this may work on some people it did not on me and I found it to be very useless in this piece. The author makes a good enough case for himself using all of his medical research and other facts to make a compelling case. The pathos of this paper just seemed unnecessary.

Analysis of Antibiotics and Superbugs: The Future of Health?

Thesis: That antibiotics though are helpful and have saved millions of lives are used to frequently and can do a lot of harm by making new forms of bacteria that can not be killed.

Audience: The author is addressing most people in first world countries to change their mind about antibiotics and show how they can be harmful by creating new bacteria.

Ethos: The author conveys a very serious tone when addressing this issue. Uses evidence from very reliable medical sources to make the reader will take it more seriously.

Pathos: He makes the audience care about his point by using a personal example of how his dad died from one of these super bugs. Than makes it so that the reader believes that they could be the next to fall victim to one of these bugs the next time they visit a hospital.

Logos: The author uses multiple medical and numerical statistics from credible sources. The evidence is present through out the piece.

Kairos: Uses the personal story and the fact that it could happen to the reader to persuade them.

Morality: This argument is rational because it shows how that if our ways do not change it could end in more death than it has already.

Speed Trap

              It was seven o’ clock on a Thursday night and I was feeling peckish.  There was nothing in my house that I wanted to eat so I decided to go to Wendy’s to purchase a couple 4 for 4’s.  I informed my mother I was going out, grabbed the keys to my mom’s minivan in my driveway, and off I went. I zipped down my street and before I knew it, I was at the Wendy’s.  There I made the decision to use the drive thru as it would be quicker than going in and ordered my food. 

         I had my food and started my trip back home trying to arrive there before my food got cold.  My way back home took me through some backroads which at this time of night were always empty and were mostly long and straight, so I was able to speed down them easily.  I was speeding down the last straight away minutes from my house while blasting music.  I approached the stop sign at the end of the road and noticed the first sign of trouble.  There was a large black vehicle across from me in the parking lot for the local trail.  I did not think anything weird of it at the time and just made my right turn and continued. 

        That’s when I saw the black vehicle pull out and turn on its police lights.  An instant wave of dread hit me because there was no one else on the road so I knew it was for me.  So, I pulled over put on my hazard lights and fished for the insurance and registration papers in my glove box.  After I had everything, I needed I was trying to figure out why exactly I was pulled over.  The speeding had not yet crossed my mind because I slowed down a pretty far distance from the stop sign to have a complete stop.  So the first thought that crossed my mind was that at the stop sign I made a rolling stop and did not wait the full three seconds so I came up with a defense for it and I hoped I could took my self out of a ticket.  The cop finally approached the vehicle after I waited for what felt like an hour.  

        “License and registration” he said.  I promptly handed him all the papers. 

        “You know why I pulled you over? “he then I asked.  I mentioned the stop sign and was about to talk about why I did not wait the full three seconds and how it was my bad when he threw a curve ball at me.  

       “Actually, I clocked you going 67 down the road which is a 40.”   That line stopped me in my tracks.  My mind started to race with a way to not go home with a ticket but twenty-seven over the limit is a hard thing to talk your way out of.   I was not able to talk my way out of it and the officer went back to his car to write my ticket.  After about ten minutes the officer came back with my ticket.  He handed it to me and that is when I found it it was going to add four points on to my license.  Now the worst part of the night came up going home: figuring out a way to tell my mom what had happened on my way home.  I pulled into my driveway and sat there for a couple minutes thinking how to phrase it.  I decided to just face the music I grabbed my ticket and 4 for 4’s which were going to be my night’s highlight but were now an afterthought and headed in.

          I explained what happened to my mom who did not take at that well as expected. Then told my dad who was working that night who told me he was an eighteen and drove recklessly, so he understood but made it clear he did not want me to do it because it is dangerous.  My punishment for my driving was that I had to pay for the ticket, but I was able to deduct the points by making a deal with the prosecutor at my traffic court, so the insurance stayed the same.  I did learn from that night though that speeding even on a straight away can have its consequences even if it is not crashing but could make so you have a run in with the cops.   

About me

Hi my name is Sean Tracey. I am from Byram New Jersey and my major is chemical engineering. My favorite band of all time is Alice in Chains and I am a big fan of other rock bands such as Smashing Pumpkins and Oasis. In my free time I enjoy to read; the last book that I read was The Art of War. Now I am currently rereading the song of ice and fire book series. Besides reading I enjoy watching T.V. some of my favorite shows are Breaking Bad, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Game of Thrones.