children and sleep

Sleep is very vital towards the overall health of a person. Now imagine how important sleep would be for a young child. Sleep patterns are developed at a very young age and it is important to maintain good patterns as children grow up. Children and their development have been researched for many years and more discoveries have been made. In this paper, I will research the connection between young children and sleep and how it affects their academic performance. Through this I also look into the effect of socioeconomic status effect and exposure to TV’s effect on sleep. The amount of sleep a child gets will determine their academic performance in school and some of the factors as well.

One of the effects on sleep in early childhood is socioeconomic status. Socioeconomic status is defined as “a combination of income, education, and occupational demographics” (Marco, Christine A, pg. 2). These different types of statuses have effects on sleep in early childhood. According to the article Exploring Socioeconomic Differences in Bedtime Behaviors and Sleep Duration in English Preschool Children, Sleep hygiene behaviors… were more common in the high socioeconomic status compared to the low socioeconomic status group (pg.1). Sleep Hygiene are the certain sleep behaviors like regular bedtime, reading at bedtime, and falling asleep in bed and they are commonly recommended. Some of the parents in the lower socioeconomic class couldn’t practice proper sleep hygiene due to difficulty, inability or inconvenience. 

It is very important that any person regardless of age is able to get a proper amount of sleep. This sleep is very vital to young children since their brain is still developing and need these proper habits. Children need to start creating good sleep habits in order for their brain to function and then prepare for school performance. 


image analysis

The image I chose includes eight women in their undergarments posing for a photo. All the women are representing different body types and sizes seen all over the world. The women in this photo are smiling, happy, and seem to be feeling confident. This image was created in the hopes of creating body confidence in the millions of impressionable women and kids all over. Throughout history, body shaming has been very prevalent, shaming women for not fitting the mold of the perfect body. Being tall and thin was what was expected of women and represented the “perfect” body. This is a message to society showing how people can defy the cultural norms it provides. There is no perfect look, everyone is perfect in their own, unique way. 

            There are many things in this image that represent the message with one of them being color. All the women in this photo are wearing undergarments full of color. The color in this photo represents confidence which is very important for loving who you are. All the women are wearing bright colors which represents the happiness in who they are.  Another thing about the color I noticed was that all the women are wearing different colors. The different colors represent how each one of these eight women are different from each other and how everyone is different. Another thing I had noticed in the image was that all the girls are different heights and skin tones which represents all women all over the world. The target audience of this photo is teens and women struggling with their body image. Teens are very impressionable people and can be easily persuaded by the media. It is important that teens are seeing more images like this one so that they don’t develop body image issues. Body image issues in teens are very hard to shed and can lead into adult life. Seeing images like this one will show that every body type is beautiful and that you don’t have to live up to the standards the media presents. 

A group of people posing for the camera

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P2 Final Topic

For my research paper, I plan to explore the effect of sleep on academic performance in early childhood. I also plan to research topics such as: how parenting affects sleep, socioeconomics and sleep, and normal sleep patterns in early childhood. I believe all these topics tie together to find out if sleep can effect academic performance. I’m using several scholarly articles and websites to help me with my research.

P2 Proposal

How sleep affects a child’s academic performance

In my research paper I plan to explore the affects of sleep on children’s academic performance in school. I plan to mainly focus on children in early childhood and would like to explore other topics as well. Some other topics I want to research are: common sleep patterns in early childhood, effects of socioeconomics on sleep, and how parenting affects a Child’s sleep.

Space Colonization: Our New Home?

Space Colonization is the permanent human habitation off the plant earth, according to Wikipedia. This is the new way that many humans can leave the planet and live a sustainable life. There have been many arguments back and forth about whether space colonization is good or bad. Space colonization can have a really positive benefit on the human race. I believe that space colonization can be a really unique way to extend human life beyond the plant Earth.

The primary argument for Space Colonization is that it’ll allow humans to survive longer and extend the human race. Scientist Steven Hawkins argued that space colonization can save humanity. In 2001, he predicted that in the next thousand years humanity would become extinct unless we colonized in space. Another argument made for space colonization was by Louis J. Halle, formerly in the United States Department of State, where he stated that space colonization will protect humanity in the event of global nuclear warfare. Physicist Paul Davies supports this idea and states that t if a planetary catastrophe threatens the survival of the human species on Earth, a self-sufficient colony could “reverse-colonize”. It is important to have this space colonization as a backup cause with the many political issues arising across the globe, we can have somewhere to stay safe from any disaster.

I believe that as technology advances over the years something like space colonization can be possible. Being able to send humans to another planet and have it be habitable would be incredible. Space colonization can change the entire world as we know it and it’d be amazing to see life beyond what we know.

Music Festivals: Fun ways to die? (Review of the essay Drugs, Death and Rock N’ Roll)

In the essay Drugs, Death, and Rock n Roll, the author argues that festival officials need to make changes in order to reduce/eradicate the use of drugs at festivals. The author states that music festivals used to be outlets for artists at the forefront of entertainment to perform for festival goers and has now shifted focus to recreationally using illegal drugs. Daniels believes that festival officials need to make changes to their festivals that don’t give people the impression that drugs should be used at festivals. Lauryn Daniels states that many people have died at these types of festivals due to drugs. Its reported that festival officials are trying to combat the use, but it does not seem to be working. What many are hoping works is that educating the masses on the dangers of these drugs especially at festivals may reduce the use. The government has been getting involved in the issue of illicit drug use at festivals however the RAVE act that had been put in place threatens to penalize any festivals that take initiative towards drug education. The issue is that hosting events for drug education show that festival officials are aware that drugs have been at their events. In today’s age so many people rely on festivals as their place to take these drugs, so it is important to find ways to combat drug use without losing festival goers. Recently, officials have been looking into ways to recognize that people are doing these drugs but to provide ways to minimize the harm from them. 

After reading the essay Drugs, Death, and Rock N Roll by Lauryn Daniels I can conclude 

that she had convinced me of her argument. This essay did a good job of informing the reader the 

reader on the horrifying drug use at music festivals and the actions being done to combat the 

situation. Daniels was very clear on her side of the argument and why she felt the way that 

she did. She used credible sources to back up her claims and recent articles that talked about this 

issue to show the relevance of the argument. The author clearly states her thesis in the first 

paragraph allowing the reader to understand what they will be reading about. Daniels organization skills were very concise making it easy for the reader to follow the essay. She was also good at appealing to the readers emotions by talking about the untimely deaths that can occur from drug intake at music festivals. However, not many people go to music festivals very often so it may not connect to as many people. Some of the language Daniels uses, for instance by explaining some of the chemistry behind the drugs, may not be understood by some readers. Overall, the author did a very good job of proposing her argument and we could all learn to use emotion and good facts to back up claims in our argument essays. 

            Drugs, Death, and Rock N Roll takes a in depth look into the intense drug use at music festivals and the ways people have been trying to stop it. Having festival fans staying educated and alert will help them stay out of harm’s way. Changing the tone of the festivals, it can create a safer environment for people to enjoy good music and good company. 

Drugs, Death, and Rock n Roll

by Lauryn Daniels

1.) The thesis of the essay is at the end of the first paragraph: ” Festival orchestrators and partners need to take into consideration that festival-goers are still going to participate in recreational drug use, regardless of what policies are instituted. Therefore, it is up to festival officials to change the rhetoric and focus on absolute drug eradication within contemporary music festivals to a more hands-on, harm-reduction approach.”

  • this thesis is placed where a thesis normally goes so it is easy for the ready to spot it.

2.) The target readers of the essay are festival goers and festival officials

3.) Logos

  • provides descriptions of what festivals are really like
  • how they can make the festivals use less drug oriented
  • facts are backed up with citations and evidence

4.) Ethos

  • is appealing towards adults with the chemistry behind the drugs
  • the tone is very informative and determined to create change at festivals
  • the citations and evidence behind the authors facts hold up her creditability

5.) Pathos

  • the author talks about the death that have occurred at festivals while using drugs
  • creates a feeling of frustration towards festival officials for not doing something about drug use
  • the information is honest because it is backed up by concrete evidence

6.) Kairos

  • use of drugs increases every year at festivals and festivals are very prevalent currently making this a relevant argument

Sympathy for the Devil

Growing up with a brother who requires a lot of attention was quite challenging. My youngest brother Hunter was 2 years old when he was first diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It was hard to understand why my life went from shared attention to a lot of attention on my brother. Through maturing and understanding what exactly Hunter was going through, I learned to become a more empathetic person, and this influenced many of the decisions I made growing up and had an impact on my future.

            In the early months of 2006, I was a 4-year-old girl with not a care in the world. My parents adored me, I had the most amazing dolls to play with, and everything felt perfect. However, all of this felt like it changed when my parents took my brother to the hospital and found out he was a Type 1 diabetic. This type of diabetes is a chronic condition where the pancreas does not produce enough or any insulin which is used to break down sugars. Essentially my brother had an allergy to sugary foods like candy and other kinds of desserts. Type 1 diabetes runs on my dad’s side of the family, my grandpa and great uncle both had it and now my brother did too. 

            Since my brother was only 2 when this occurred, my parents had to help a lot with all his needs. They would have to prick his fingers multiple times a day to test his blood sugars and give him shots of insulin when he was low on it. All of this craziness happening right in front of my little eyes and I had no idea what was going on. From my perspective it seemed like my brother was getting all this attention and I felt like my parents did not even care about me (which was obviously not the case but what four-year-old wouldn’t think that). I started to resent my brother because I felt that my parents loved Hunter more than they loved me. I felt so upset and jealous, but it was not until I started to age that I realized the needs his condition came with and why my parents needed to tend to him so often. 

            As I started to grow up, my parents would tell me more about why Hunter is always getting his fingers pricked, getting shots before meals, and drinking so much apple juice. I remember a particular incident where he was having trouble getting his blood sugar to go up one night and he was low all night long. I vividly remember him and my parents getting no sleep trying to take care of him and I began to sympathize. I knew he did not want to be up all night drinking juice and eating cookies to raise his sugars and he didn’t want to be so taken care of. He just wanted to have a normal night’s sleep like any other typical kid. He did not want the attention, he needed it. Hunter needed my parents to help him because he was so young and was not able to tend to himself yet. My parents also would explain to me why they were so worried about Hunter and it was because it was a new diagnosis they did not know how to handle, and they wanted to pay extra attention to him to make sure nothing bad happens to him. 

            Through watching what my brother has been going throughchanged who I was as a person. I realized I had to understand what people were going through before making any judgements. I have become a much more empathetic person than I had been when I was younger. Empathy is the ability to understand what a person is feeling. I vowed to myself that I would always try and understand what other people were going through which helped me choose the career path I want to go down. Through becoming more empathetic I realized I wanted to help people in any way I can and that’s when I decided I wanted to be a teacher.

            I am so fortunate to have grown up the way I did because without that I would not have been the person I am today. Without being able to understand what my brother was going through; I would not have been the person I am today. Learning to empathize with others and understand the situations they are going through allowed me to find the profession of my dreams and I couldn’t be more excited to see what the future holds.

Introducing me!

Hi everyone!! My name is Brooke Surgan and I am from Suffern, New York (30 minutes outside the city). I have one younger brother! Some things that I love to do are hanging out with friends, going to the gym, watching Netflix, and traveling. I am majoring in Early Childhood Education/ Special Education! I am looking forward to an amazing school year and good luck to everyone in their first semester! 🙂