image analysis

The image I chose includes eight women in their undergarments posing for a photo. All the women are representing different body types and sizes seen all over the world. The women in this photo are smiling, happy, and seem to be feeling confident. This image was created in the hopes of creating body confidence in the millions of impressionable women and kids all over. Throughout history, body shaming has been very prevalent, shaming women for not fitting the mold of the perfect body. Being tall and thin was what was expected of women and represented the “perfect” body. This is a message to society showing how people can defy the cultural norms it provides. There is no perfect look, everyone is perfect in their own, unique way. 

            There are many things in this image that represent the message with one of them being color. All the women in this photo are wearing undergarments full of color. The color in this photo represents confidence which is very important for loving who you are. All the women are wearing bright colors which represents the happiness in who they are.  Another thing about the color I noticed was that all the women are wearing different colors. The different colors represent how each one of these eight women are different from each other and how everyone is different. Another thing I had noticed in the image was that all the girls are different heights and skin tones which represents all women all over the world. The target audience of this photo is teens and women struggling with their body image. Teens are very impressionable people and can be easily persuaded by the media. It is important that teens are seeing more images like this one so that they don’t develop body image issues. Body image issues in teens are very hard to shed and can lead into adult life. Seeing images like this one will show that every body type is beautiful and that you don’t have to live up to the standards the media presents. 

A group of people posing for the camera

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One thought on “image analysis”

  1. I feel this image is super impactful and reveals such a big message that everyone needs to be aware of. I feel colors are the perfect way to show each of their confidence, no matter the way their body looks. I feel these images need to continue to be published since body shaming is still seen today. Love this image and your analysis, I feel it is very accurate!


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