Many people all around us are extremely invested in a certain religion. Not all people, but many would be surprised of how important it is to many, and how it strives people to live.

In my situation, I have grown up with extremely religious family members, including cousins my own age and younger. With how they portray their beliefs, morals, rules, and customs, it has put a very large dent in how I view religion today. I have felt for quite awhile, that religion should never come in between someone and who they truly are or, who they want to be based on someone else’s religious views. I was raised Christian, although neither of my parents are religious at all. I never thought anything negative about Christianity, or even religion at all, until about freshman or sophomore year of high school.

I have been exposed to the way my cousins view homosexuality very often, almost each time I am around them. They all believe that homosexuals are ‘faking it’ or doing it for attention. I have often tried to explain that this is not the case, and they would not understand any of it because they are just simply not homosexual and I tell them that homosexuals are born that way. Each time, they look at me as if I have three heads. I have backed off completely when the topic becomes. There is no point in trying to change the way they think, because they only believe that what the bible says is true. Because of the lack of understanding of homosexuals and the closed-minded views of the topic, religion should never be able to have opinions on anyone or anything except themselves, and their own life.

Religion does not only affect homosexuals, but it also often invades an education, personal choices such as abortion, and can often be brainwashing. The bible cannot be the only thing that decides morals and what is teaching people right and wrong. Based on my research, many societal issues are not even brought up in the bible, which is contradicting to what christians otherwise say.

Very invested, religious people, often have a lot to say on certain topics in society today, although, they know close to nothing about it. Everyone should have the ability to make their own choices for their own life, have the ability to be who they truly are and live freely, because, they are the only one who truly knows what they want. Nobody should be able to say otherwise, especially those involved in a religion that others may not believe.


my plans and anxieties

My plan for this paper is to discuss the effects religion has on society. Many people who are very invested in their religion, influence other people and attempt to get them to believe what they do. I disagree with this and believe that religion should be kept very personal and should not affect those around you who are not involved in your religion. Certain religions and beliefs have recently caused certain decisions to not be allowed and certain identities to be felt out of place.

I have a very strong stance on this topic and am excited to write about it, although, i am unsure I will be able to find solid sources to back up my reasonings. There are many philosophers that I know of who speak a lot about religion, who I can learn and use from. This can be a very broad topic so I am having a bit of a hard time trying to narrow down exactly what I want to talk about.


My topic for the paper is religion.  There have been many circumstances and issues in society today, that have been very controversial based on religion. Religion should be very personal, kept to yourself and restricted to only your life. Many religious people try to force their religion onto other people because it is what they believe is right. Everyone is entitled to their own viewpoints, opinions, and passions, although, they should not affect anyone else’s life.

In my paper, I would like to research the affect religion has on society and the impacts other religions try to have on other people. I would like to bring awareness to the fact that everyone is entitled to their own views of life and their own opinions, but these should not be allowed to dictate someone else’s decisions or to be judged by not being a apart of one’s certain religion.

Space Colonization??

Space colonization, or space settlement is permanent human habitation off the planet Earth. This topic has become very controversial based on the argument that the “commodification of the cosmos may be likely to enhance the interests of the already powerful, including major economic and military institutions, and to exacerbate pre-existing detrimental processes such as wars, economic inequality, and environmental degradation.” The possibility of space colonization could expand our knowledge of the galaxy and other planets as well as decrease or eliminate some economic, environment and social issues. 

There is no real reason, right now, that space colonization needs to happen although, if it allows for humans to survive for much longer and benefits our future, then I am definitely in favor. With all the technology and ability to explore more possibilities outside of the earth, we should take advantage of the resources for more understanding of what is beyond our planet and what we are capable of. Although exploration for science is important, this article states that “… the goal isn’t just scientific exploration … it’s also about extending the range of human habitat out from Earth into the solar system as we go forward in time … In the long run a single-planet species will not survive…”  from the NASA Administrator Michael Griffin. Human nature will eventually come to an end, whether we try to prevent it or not. Michael Griffin’s very clear statement that we will not survive off one planet as long as we plan to, is very true. Earth, as we know it, will not be able to adapt to our needs for much longer with all of our constant torture and carelessness. 

As said in the article, expansion typically results in some type of environmental devastation. There is no known life outside of Earth, so therefore, expansion would not cause any type of harm to anyone. Overpopulation is something starting to become an issue for the Earth. If we expanded outside of the Earth, this would no longer be an issue. “Although many of Earth’s resources are non-renewable, off-planet colonies could satisfy the majority of the planets resource requirements.” Discovering a planet that can supports the needs of humans would be a breakthrough for our future as a population. Evolution would take over and we would eventually be able to survive after we found what will allow us to live. 

Creating another life on earth would require many resources such as food, water, a livable environment, etc. In order to survive on an unfamiliar planet, we need many things to survive. These needs would most likely be provided for us, because otherwise, we would not survive. Space colonization has a long road ahead of figuring out what is needed in order to survive on an unknown planet although, they seem to be on the right track of making it happen in the future.

Superbugs & Technique

In the essay Antibiotics & Superbugs: The Future of Health?” John Bachman-Paternoster explains the tragic event he and his family went through with his father in March of 2017 . His father went into the hospital with an illness involving his pancreas that could have been cured. Instead, he was never able to leave the hospital, and unfortunately, died because he was infected by what Bachman calls a “superbug.” This type of bacteria is extremely aggressive and evolves very quickly. Once you are infected, there is not much you can do, and doctors and scientists are still figuring out the superbug and all its elements. Because of this tragic event, Bachman wants to bring attention to scientists and doctors about the superbug and how it needs to be eliminated. Bachman thoroughly explains the theory of how superbugs come about and how they are able to continue to live. His use of ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos helped to form a well-rounded essay that allows the audience to become more engaged in. He asks the readers’ questions to draw their attention and to have them further their understanding of the superbug epidemic. His choice of words and factual evidence allows the reader to trust his research as a writer. He elaborates on each piece of evidence leaving the reader with all the answers they would need to understand more about the superbug. Bachman’s intentions were to draw attention to the audience as well as more doctors and scientists to stop this illness of evolving even more. He wants the superbug to no longer be an issue in hospitals and other areas. This essay was very well-written and his intentions were very clear. 

Antibiotics and Superbugs: The Future of Health? (outline)

  • Thesis
    • Antibiotics have been misunderstood and have caused bacteria to evolve and latch onto humans, creating superbugs. These super bugs are extremely dangerous because they are killing many people that come into the hospital for something unrelated.
  • Audience
    • The audience is intended to be the public and most likely doctors and scientists so that this issue is addressed, and this will no longer continue to happen.
  • Pathos
    • The writer talks about a personal experience and what caused him to research these terrible incidents. It is used to help the reader have more of an understanding of the topic and helps the reader to sympathize. 
  • Ethos
    • The writer uses very credible sources and his writing is very clear. He also shows a personal experience to cause the reader to feel as though he knows a lot about the situation.  
  • Logos
    • The writer’s factual evidence and very clear statistics allows the readers to understand the severity of the situation. 
  • Kairos
    • The writer uses his personal experience to create relevance to the situation. 


            As I was thinking of something personal to write, I was having trouble thinking of something that mattered enough to write about. I try very hard to move on quickly and not dwell on certain things. I try to stay on the positive side because I am aware that many people have terrible things happen to them and everything could be so much worse. I don’t think much happens to me or around me and I’m living a merely simple life. As I continued to think, my recent break-up came to mind. Although it is super cliché, it is very important to me at the moment and very difficult for me. It was a learning experience to say the least.

            I was with my boyfriend for almost two years. He was my first actual relationship. We started things off when he was a freshman in high school and I was a junior. At first, people were very hesitant to accept the age difference because, in high school, everything is a big deal. When we first started dating, I didn’t care what anyone thought and I was so crazy about him. We had a lot of fun and really wanted to be together. After about the first six months, I started to notice a pattern. I was constantly the one making all the plans, trying to hangout with him, including myself, etc. He is a really big surfer and would always tell me that “surfing comes first” and there was nothing I could do about it. I would always notice him choosing his friends over me and never inviting me to events or things with his family. I would constantly try to include myself and always sort of felt out of place and that he did not want me there because of this. At homecoming my senior year, I finally brought up the issues, and everything went downhill from there. He did not understand my concerns and felt everything was fine.  We were together for about nine more months after the issues were brought up, having nothing changed and the patterns still remained.

            Throughout our relationship, he would never take me out on a date or try to spend dedicated time with me. If we were to go out, I would always hold back what I want because I never wanted him to go eat somewhere he didn’t like. In a year and a half we went out to eat only a handful of times. About four months ago, we went to one of my favorite restaurants. I had been trying to plan a date with him for a while and I was super excited about it. During dinner, he barely said anything to me. I felt guilty the whole time making him take me somewhere I knew he didn’t really enjoy, even though he knew that it was my favorite restaurant. The next time we went out, I paid for everything because I did not want to feel that guilt again. Guilt was always something I felt with him. I always felt terrible making him do anything I even had the slightest feeling he did not want to do.

            I was constantly told by my friends, parents, peers, his family even, that I could do better, and that I should break up with him. Although I saw that we had issues, I saw him as more than everyone else did, and I saw the little things he did try to do for me. I would constantly make excuses for him and make him look better to everyone else. I think I was always just waiting around for a little more. I am a super easy-going person and I see the effort that everyone puts into the smallest things. I try to make everyone feel appreciated and he never saw that. I am convinced now that he saw me as a burden, and I feel as though I was in the way of what he wanted to do. All I really wanted to do was be his best friend. I did not require much attention; I did not want him to worship me at his hands and feet. I simply just wanted to be equals that treat each other with respect and love whilst being best friends.

            Towards the ending of our relationship, I know he saw me as needy and annoying and “yelling” at him all the time. I always sort of felt stuck with my emotions because everything was always only on his terms. What he wanted was how it went, and I could do nothing about that. He never took the time to see how much I was putting in the relationship or what I was doing for him. Even now, I would give him the world and ask for nothing in return. I have come to terms with how things are. The only thing that scares me or hurts me more than anything, is having to eventually see him with someone else. 

            We broke up when I was nannying on a vacation in South Carolina with two families I regularly babysit for. I was trying to make a day of plans for us because before I left for this trip, he was in Florida. I hadn’t seen him in a while, and I was excited to see him and make a fun day out of it. As he knew how excited I was and how much effort I was putting into it, he seemed totally uninterested and I just knew he didn’t care. I called him upset and we argued about how what I was saying was ridiculous and basically, I was wrong., once again. At the end of the phone call, it was decided we were breaking up. I asked him if we could wait until I get back but he kept saying he “didn’t want to do this anymore” and I had no say of what was happening. I had to pretend everything was okay and that I was okay throughout the rest of the trip.

            As I look back on the relationship now, I would not have changed anything. I believe it has made me smarter and wiser already in the last two months since we have been broken up. I miss him very much and I know that what we had was special. I’m not sure if I would ever get back together with him, although, I know I will always love him and care about him more than he will know. I understand that he maybe was not mature enough to handle a relationship or understand what it meant to be in a relationship. I do not hold that against him and only hope that this situation helps him grow. Looking back now, I see how everything played out and I realized I knew when things were over. I had known for about the last six months we were together that things were over, and I think I prepared myself for a while. Unfortunately, I think it will take me a very long time to get over him. One thing that still bothers me, is that everything seems fine on his side. I always tried so hard to do the best for him and make him happy, while getting nothing in return, and I am still the one stuck and was always the one hurting. I feel a sense of relief, although, nothing is the same and I just wanted everything to be okay.  It is stuck in the back of my mind that I did everything wrong and I am afraid that he looks at me and talks about me negatively. I am still trying so hard just to be friends with him, still getting very little in return. 

            I have taken this experience as a growing opportunity. I have learned that everything does happen for a reason. I have learned that you cannot change a person for who they are. I have learned that it is okay to do things for yourself. I have also learned that unfortunately, no matter how many times someone tells you something, it is not always true. It has been very hard for me to look at everything positively, but I believe that is the only way I will be able to move forward. I am choosing to not be mad at him or hold anything against him. It was simply just wrong timing and we were just not compatible. As much as I tried or could have continued to try, everything happens for a reason and there is nothing I can do about any of it. Staying positive is all there is to do.

a lil about me

My name is Hadley Rhue. I am from Lewes, Delaware. I love the beach, hanging with my friends and staying active. The beach is my happy place and you can almost always catch me there. I am super easy-going and love to make friends. In highschool, I ran cross country, track, and was on the swimteam. I love to run and stay fit. I came to UD with 86 of the students that I graduated with so it has been super easy adjusting to my new life here with some of my friends. I am an undeclared major because I am super indecisive and really have no idea what I want to pursue. I am super excited to be at UD and hope to soon discover what I want to do for my future. 🙂