Space Colonization??

Space colonization, or space settlement is permanent human habitation off the planet Earth. This topic has become very controversial based on the argument that the “commodification of the cosmos may be likely to enhance the interests of the already powerful, including major economic and military institutions, and to exacerbate pre-existing detrimental processes such as wars, economic inequality, and environmental degradation.” The possibility of space colonization could expand our knowledge of the galaxy and other planets as well as decrease or eliminate some economic, environment and social issues. 

There is no real reason, right now, that space colonization needs to happen although, if it allows for humans to survive for much longer and benefits our future, then I am definitely in favor. With all the technology and ability to explore more possibilities outside of the earth, we should take advantage of the resources for more understanding of what is beyond our planet and what we are capable of. Although exploration for science is important, this article states that “… the goal isn’t just scientific exploration … it’s also about extending the range of human habitat out from Earth into the solar system as we go forward in time … In the long run a single-planet species will not survive…”  from the NASA Administrator Michael Griffin. Human nature will eventually come to an end, whether we try to prevent it or not. Michael Griffin’s very clear statement that we will not survive off one planet as long as we plan to, is very true. Earth, as we know it, will not be able to adapt to our needs for much longer with all of our constant torture and carelessness. 

As said in the article, expansion typically results in some type of environmental devastation. There is no known life outside of Earth, so therefore, expansion would not cause any type of harm to anyone. Overpopulation is something starting to become an issue for the Earth. If we expanded outside of the Earth, this would no longer be an issue. “Although many of Earth’s resources are non-renewable, off-planet colonies could satisfy the majority of the planets resource requirements.” Discovering a planet that can supports the needs of humans would be a breakthrough for our future as a population. Evolution would take over and we would eventually be able to survive after we found what will allow us to live. 

Creating another life on earth would require many resources such as food, water, a livable environment, etc. In order to survive on an unfamiliar planet, we need many things to survive. These needs would most likely be provided for us, because otherwise, we would not survive. Space colonization has a long road ahead of figuring out what is needed in order to survive on an unknown planet although, they seem to be on the right track of making it happen in the future.

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