Space Colonization: Jetson’s Lifestyle?

Space Colonization… good idea, or bad idea? At this point in time, it is most logical to lean towards it being a bad idea. As exciting it is to imagine living in an almost “Jetsons” like environment, we have to put our emotions to the side here. With the many exciting pros there are to Space Colonization, there are just as many notable cons to go along with them. First, let’s take a look at the pros. 

    According to Wikipedia, Space Colonization can bring forth survival to the human civilization. There is no secret that humans are essentially destroying its own habitat, so developing the early alternative of Space Colonization. The amount of resources in space is another argument that is made. The Solar System is estimated to have the energy to be able to close to a billion times that of Earth. 

    Again, these arguments are exciting, and interesting. Yet, there are so many cons and “what ifs?” to go along with them. A simple barrier in the way of space colonization is cost. Sending the simplest of supplies into orbit is expensive. Think of just how expensive sending people, vast resources, etc. would be. I can almost assure you, the final cost would be an amount the government would surely be unwilling to pay. Another argument that could be made against colonizing Space, is arguing the very same point as to why people are considering leaving Earth. If we are considering leaving Earth because of man-made destruction, why put another planet such as the moon in jeopardy of destruction? Humans will very much so look to make advances on the moon that will put the moon in harm. Also, colonizing in a different environment means that you are bringing different illnesses, and organisms to the moon that may harm it as well.

    Moving to space sounds amazing, almost dream-like. There is a lot that needs to be done, and solved if it is going to be made possible. I hope that I am wrong, and we can make our way to the last frontier. 


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