Superbugs & Technique

In the essay Antibiotics & Superbugs: The Future of Health?” John Bachman-Paternoster explains the tragic event he and his family went through with his father in March of 2017 . His father went into the hospital with an illness involving his pancreas that could have been cured. Instead, he was never able to leave the hospital, and unfortunately, died because he was infected by what Bachman calls a “superbug.” This type of bacteria is extremely aggressive and evolves very quickly. Once you are infected, there is not much you can do, and doctors and scientists are still figuring out the superbug and all its elements. Because of this tragic event, Bachman wants to bring attention to scientists and doctors about the superbug and how it needs to be eliminated. Bachman thoroughly explains the theory of how superbugs come about and how they are able to continue to live. His use of ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos helped to form a well-rounded essay that allows the audience to become more engaged in. He asks the readers’ questions to draw their attention and to have them further their understanding of the superbug epidemic. His choice of words and factual evidence allows the reader to trust his research as a writer. He elaborates on each piece of evidence leaving the reader with all the answers they would need to understand more about the superbug. Bachman’s intentions were to draw attention to the audience as well as more doctors and scientists to stop this illness of evolving even more. He wants the superbug to no longer be an issue in hospitals and other areas. This essay was very well-written and his intentions were very clear. 

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