P2 Proposal Ideas

As a music education major, I want to focus on a research topic relating to music. I didn’t want to research education, specifically because I want to learn more about other musical aspects. Here are a few options that I might want to research!

Option 1: Social media’s influence on the music business– how do applications like youtube, Spotify, instagram, etc… affect aspiring artists trying to break into the music industry, today?

Option 2: Culture v. Music throughout the decades– why do older generations tend to dislike new music? why are new genres/styles hated on when first released, then gradually accepted?

Option 3: Movie/TV Soundtracks and the Watcher– how do movie/tv soundtracks affect watchers emotionally (psychologically)?


One thought on “P2 Proposal Ideas”

  1. I think all of these topics would be super cool to explore but option 1 is the most interesting to me because of how relevant it is and I feel like it would be a really interesting topic to explore


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