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Hey Michael I did NOT forget this week’s blog post, granted it’s two days late

I kind of don’t want to do this idea only because of the awkward reputation it will give me (or at least that I believe it gives me) but I have a pretty good outline for the Toxicity of the Korean Pop Industry (on the idols). I already put together a super basic outline and examples I can put in each paragraph (there is a lot more but I stopped at one). It’s really just going to be a big rant and all of my scholarly sources can be the effects of fame or how the music industry works and they don’t even have to be pinpointing the kpop industry.

  • Toxicity of the Korean music industry on idols 
    • Starvation 
      • Wendy 
    • Exhaustion and Injuries 
      • Tao / Luhan 
    • Depression 
      • Jonghyun 
    • Isolation 
      •  Baekhyun x Taeyeon break up 
    • Gossip 
      • Knowing Bros / Heechul 

The only other idea I have would be like, children’s cartoons and the positive messages they’re sending out to viewers, and the lessons they teach that even adults somewhat struggle to accept. I could also talk about the positive psychology involved and how it helps child development with morality and builds on Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development theory. This idea would definitely have a lot of sources and a solid stance (and it also relates to my major) and I would also be interested in doing this but I don’t have a set outline yet.

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