The Switch up

High school is so overrated. If you really think about it, highschool is just a random group of students who have exactly or almost the same zip code. Although some people say the best 4 years of their lives were in highschool, I disagree to an extent. Yes, I believe the academic part of highschool is an extreme necessity for the future as in college, jobs, and internships. However the socializing, judgement, categorizing, drama, and backstabbing part was not acceptable and just becomes toxic. 

Going to a private catholic school my whole life was super comfortable for me, but switching to an all girl catholic high school sounded horrifying. While not knowing a single soul attending the school, I managed to find a group a friends. Freshman and sophomore year we all hung out every weekend. Whether it was just a movie night or a big party, we had the best of times. I was friends with these girls for over 2 years until junior year came about, and that was when the switch up happened.

Although I was the most confident girl freshman and sophomore year, I started to have doubts, and insecurity with myself. My entire friend group of eight completely stopped talking to me without reason. This was toward the end of junior which was horrible because summer was right around the corner. Another classmate saw what I was going through and went through the same exact thing came up to me and we clicked instantly. We spoke about the issue and we decided to just be civil and nice to these girls throughout the school day. I resolved the situation for myself by showing them that I am still friendly and a happy person everytime I see them throughout the school day

From this experience, I believe that high school is overrated. I do admit that I had a great amount of memories that I will remember for the rest of my life like traveling to San Francisco, and Bahamas with a bunch of my friends, the amazing get togethers, and constantly laughing until my stomach hurt. Highschool also taught me a lot about myself through the good and the bad. Now that I am in college, I have met some of the most real people I’ve met in my life who I connected with instantly. I know that high school will not be some of the best times I had, so I am looking forward to the future. 


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