To Meme or Not to Meme

Lily Beatty

Thesis: “That’s right: internet memes played a role in my depressive spiral.” 

The author focuses the argument around how memes have normalized suicidal tendencies, which played a role in her own experience with depression. 

Target Audience: Gen Z (the generation creating and exchanging these memes) as well as possibly adults who don’t necessarily see these memes but have children who do


-The author establishes authority throughout the argument by providing their own experiences with depression 

– Author sites credible sources, such as a reddit post concerning the subject matter, as well as screenshots from various social media accounts and quotes from credible university and health resource studies


-Using their own personal experience, the author evokes emotion throughout the piece by giving the audience a raw perspective to view the argument through

-Using memes and screenshots form popular social media accounts makes the piece relatable for an audience who has seen these sort of memes and accounts


-The author presents her own experience with depression then explains how social media played a role in it makes argument flow well and logical.

-Providing examples of these memes throughout the argument as well helps build perspective and logic


-The piece is very relevant in today’s times with the overwhelming presence of social media in society.

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