P2 Final

For my paper, I will be researching Capital Punishment and explaining why it should be outlawed nation and worldwide. In order to do this, I will be examining laws and statistics from different states to prove why this practice is inhumane and unjust. I will also look at different statistics concerning race and socioeconomic status and who usually receives a death sentence. Generally, minorities and people in a lower socioeconomic class are more likely to receive capital punishment, and I will use this as a reason why capital punishment is unfair. To prove why it is inhumane, I will examine the methods of which the sentence is carried out secondary to lethal injection. Some states have cruel secondary methods, and other countries have inhumane methods as well. This paper will use all this information and others to make readers agree that capital punishment needs to be stopped. It will end with a call to action to citizens that they need to protest or get in touch with their representatives to make a change.


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